CoDA Hospitals & Institutions: An Invitation to do Service

From: "CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:" <hosp@PROTECTED>
Date: October 5th 2021

   H&I Lights Newsletter

of the Hospitals & Institutions Committee of CoDA  


An Invitation to do Service

What is the Role of the Hospitals and Institutions Committee?


 Hospitals & Institutions Committee (H&I) at the CoDA, Inc. level acts as a resource and support to those doing H&I service locally (taking CoDA meetings/resources/message into facilities–medical, penal, educational, and social services institutions) at all levels of the Fellowship (CoDA Service Conference, Voting Entity, Intergroup, local group, and individual).

The Committee meets every third Thursday from 6 to 7:30 US Eastern time zone via Zoom. We are working with members from other countries to guide them in developing H&I committees worldwide. We need sponsors to write to individuals in penal facilities in the United States, who cannot attend meetings outside the facility. If interested, please write to InmateSponsorship@PROTECTED

For more detailed directives about taking the CoDA message to codependents in institutions, please visit the CoDA website and go to the Service Info area click on H&I Main page. The H&I Service Handbook gives detailed information on going into a facility. If you haven't taken the survey, please do so.


Service positions available:

Corresponding Secretary: Corresponds with Fellowship members and facilities to respond to inquiries and direct requests to appropriate members of the committee. Receives correspondence via US mail and responds to institutional residents who contact CoDA. Keeps records of inquiries.

Recording Secretary: Records and distributes minutes to members and website (redacted)

Literature Distribution Coordinator: Works with CoRe to order and distribute literature to facilities and individuals in them.

Email Corresponding Secretary: Responds to emails sent to hosp@PROTECTED

Chairperson: Sets the agenda for meetings, is responsible for reports and communicates with the CoDA community

Newsletter Editor: With committee members help, creates and edits the H&I Lights newsletter



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This list is for CoDA members who are H & I (Hospital and Institutions) contacts for their region or group. The purpose to send information regarding H & I service opportunities and resources from the H & I Committee and then for the contacts to share that information with their Intergroup or local meetings. Individual members may also be part of the list in order find out more about H & I service.

We appreciate your participation.


The Hospitals and Institutions Committee, Codependents Anonymous, Inc.

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