CoDA Hospitals & Institutions: H&I Lights Newsletter #6

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Date: February 22nd 2021

   H&I Lights Newsletter

of the Hospitals & Institutions Committee of CoDA  

 Beam 6    January 2021      


Saving lives

“I think we are saving some lives here. …making a BIG difference…with the Workbook especially. …most grateful to get it.”   From an inmate in California.


What has H&I done?

CoDA has a Books for Inmates and Institutions program that sends free CoDA Books and Workbooks to residents of institutions*- such as (but are not limited to) rehabs, jails and prisons, rescue missions, safe houses, VA and state hospitals-when they are requested. 

In 2020, we sent 232 books plus booklets and pamphlets to individuals and institutions.  Among the books sent were 83 CoDA Books and 66 Twelve & Twelve Workbooks in English and Spanish.


Did you know. . . .  that any inmate or individual in a residential facility or program may request some CoDA literature and receive it free upon request because of our Books for Inmates and Institution Program?  Here are excerpts from inmates’ letters:

“When I read Co-Dependents Anonymous…I knew it was for me. I have been dealing with codependent issues for years. At last I have a way out.”  Woman from CA

“It has opened my eyes & has allowed me to start the process of healing. It has also shown me that I’m not alone.” Heather, CA


 Opportunities for service:   

Donations: Seventh Tradition donations and matching funds from CoDA’s H&I budget allow us to send CoDA literature, primarily Co-Dependents Anonymous and our Workbook, to inmates or institutions*. For $9 donated we will send 2 copies of the CoDA Book.  You may designate an institution to receive literature if you want. We match the donated funds and double the number of books to be sent. It is a great way to work the 12th Step and everyone is invited to participate. You can make donations at the following link:

Check out the Hospitals and Institutions Service Handbook on the CoDA website the H&I webpage under “Service Info” on for more opportunities.       

*  in the U.S.A. only.


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