Email Communications Within CoDA

From: "CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:" <hosp@PROTECTED>
Subject: Email Communications Within CoDA
Date: January 14th 2017

The contents of this email are from the 2016 CoDA Fellowship Service Manual (FSM). They were provided by the chair of the CoDA Service Structure Committee (SSC) ssc@PROTECTED & approved by the CoDA Service Conference. This email was approved by the CoDA Board Of Trustees board@PROTECTED.


Informative and timely communications are necessary for the growth and maintenance of any service organization. Lack of communication among our members can cause unnecessary conflict. CoDA members have requested guidance in applying our Steps and Traditions to new forms of communication, specifically electronic mail (email). The principles of effective communication may be applied to all forms of communication among members, committees, and service boards of CoDA.

All e-mail/Internet and postal addresses are confidential and are for CoDA business use only.

Because email is less expensive and more efficient than Postal Service deliveries, its use is encouraged, provided boundaries are maintained. These boundaries include maintaining appropriate anonymity. Appropriate anonymity requires that we keep our CoDA business within CoDA and that our emails do not go to people outside the Fellowship. It also means that we do not forward any email to a wider audience than the original thread without the author’s express permission.

Note: The one exception to the above policy is when an email is pertinent in a dispute. In that case the email may be sent to IMC without the author's permission.

Our 11th tradition states: Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films. This does not say that we cannot share our last names with members of the fellowship. Whether or not to do so is a personal choice,

Email providers may include your full name even if it isn’t part of your email address if you have provided it when signing up. If this level of anonymity is important to you, use the tools provided by your email provider to hide your last name. If necessary, create a new email account and only use your last initial in the last name field.

Anyone in the CoDA Fellowship can request his/her email address be placed on the CoDA Announcements email list. Because email copies involve no additional cost, broad distribution of general information is enhanced. Communication is enhanced when at least two members in each Voting Entity have email addresses and are willing to disseminate information received via email.

Any communication may be sent via e-mail. However, care must be taken when sending copyrighted information via email in order to protect our copyrights. Under the "fair use" rule of copyright law, an author may make limited use of another author's work without asking permission. This means that only a small portion (never more than 1 or 2 paragraphs) may be used and no permission is required to do so. Service items that are available on the website may be sent in full.

Proper email etiquette should be used at all times while conducting CoDA business. The following items are suggested:

· Avoid offensive language, name calling and taking other inventories

· When using reply all that includes aliases remove individual addresses that are part of an alias to prevent people from getting multiple copies

· Do not use all capitals as that is considered yelling



  • This mailing list is a public mailing list - anyone may join or leave, at any time.
  • This mailing list is announce-only.

This list is for CoDA members who are H & I (Hospital and Institutions) contacts for their region or group. The purpose to send information regarding H & I service opportunities and resources from the H & I Committee and then for the contacts to share that information with their Intergroup or local meetings. Individual members may also be part of the list in order find out more about H & I service.

We appreciate your participation.


The Hospitals and Institutions Committee, Codependents Anonymous, Inc.

Privacy Policy:

Per the 11th & 12th Traditions this list is private & anonymous.