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Subject: CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program Needs Sponsors
Date: February 8th 2015
CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program Needs Sponsors

In Spring 2014, CoDA’s H&I committee launched the CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program.
Inmates from around the U.S. have written to us asking to be paired with a
prospective sponsor. We are looking for men and women who are willing to use the
postal mail system to share their experience, strength & hope with inmates. 

If you . . . 
*Have a minimum of two years of active participation in CoDA
*Actively work with a sponsor or co-sponsor
*Have worked all of CoDA’s Twelve Steps and have a working knowledge of CoDA’s
Twelve Traditions
*Are not currently on parole
*Have a desire to carry the message to the still-suffering codependent

You could be the person we are looking for! Please contact the Inmate Sponsorship
Coordinator at inmatesponsorship@PROTECTED. 

*****Never been to prison? *****
****Think you don’t have anything to share with someone who is in prison?****

Following is the experience, strength, & hope of one member who thought she didn’t
have what it takes to help an inmate:

“I resisted ever reaching out to incarcerated members because I didn't believe I had
anything to offer. I've never been arrested or incarcerated - it is not part of my
story. One day I was reading a recovery article and it was about working with
inmates in jail or prison. It challenged the idea that I must be a former prisoner
in order to help those in prison. The article stated that what inmates really need
is contact with people who have never been to prison and to learn how people do this
thing called life without committing crimes! I was so moved by it that I made a
commitment on the spot to follow my Higher Power's guidance. If an opportunity to
serve in this way came to me, I would take it. 

“A few months later, I received a request from someone about a woman imprisoned in
segregation (isolation) with double life no parole. I started writing to her, and
discovered that she was very interested in knowing more about CoDA. After being
returned to the general population, we began corresponding, and she eventually found
the willingness to start working the Steps. 

“In corresponding with my sponsee, I have learned that inmates are thrust into
relationships with people all the time. Gaining the tools that CoDA has to offer has
helped her to address difficulties, avoid controlling behavior, and have more peace
in her life. What I have learned is that it's the principles of the program that I
focus on when I am sponsoring someone, whether inside or outside prison. The
circumstances and details may vary drastically from my own; I identify with the
underlying motives and feelings that drive our behaviors. “

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