CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: Update

From: "CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:" <hosp@PROTECTED>
Subject: CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: Update
Date: November 2nd 2014

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Hospitals & Institutions
Committee: hosp@PROTECTED

In an effort to stay connected and support the Fellowship, CoDA’s
Hospitals and Institutions Committee is using this periodic newsletter
to communicate what it is working on and to share ways you can help the
codependent who still suffers within institutions.

What H&I has done:

        Since January 1, 2014, H&I Committee members have handled 487
letters from individuals in 66 different institutions as well as 25
email inquiries from individuals and institutions. We have responded to
them all.  Requests for information about codependence have come from
residents at the rate of 5 to 7 new institutions (rehabs, rescue
missions, safe houses, VA and State hospitals as well as prisons and
jails) per month.  

We have sent 272 Co-Dependents Anonymous books, 128 12 Steps and 12
Traditions Workbooks in English and 70 in Spanish, and filled 60
requests for other CoDA literature (including 4 libraries – a set of 19
books given to an institution for their sharing libraries).  
Did you know . . .

        that inmates are appreciative of our Books for Inmates and
Institution Program and responses from the H&I committee?  Here are
excerpts from a couple of letters from one inmate:

… I just had to write and share the praise of God, and to thank you all,
so much, who put out your time, … supportive mail … materials & shipping
costs, … efforts and mindful energies, to share these wonderful tools, …
for real change to happen, in not just my own life … but for others as
well .... This class is helping me to … accept and allow for
constructive changes … to lead me in successful living, crime free,
confident & caring for others with acceptable boundaries, as not to
hinder God’s will for me. Amen!  … I’ve obtained great Life Skills!
This program really WORKS!! Thank you!

A follow-up note:  So with what I’ve learned & now apply & have used in
real unrehearsed situations, steps #3, 5, 4, & 6, so far have really
helped me to stop … real issues of co-dependency with other inmates, ...
because I let the "or else" happen & it was explosively painful for 32
minutes when I found the courage to say “No ... I'm believing you can
find your help & resource through [established procedures]" ... so I
don't feel obligated anymore, "... you have options ... Please use
them... ."  Well, ... she no longer pursues me for selfish dependency.
... thanking God, I don't dread going to my cell room any more. ...
Thank you God & CoDA class - and we are only half way through! WOW!  A
woman in CA

Opportunities for service:

        This spring we initiated an Inmate Sponsorship Program that
permits codependents to sponsor inmates through the mail.  Sponsorship
is done using the CoDA P. O. Box in Phoenix, AZ, to protect anonymity.
Letters from the inmates are scanned or forwarded by the Fellowship
Service Worker to the Sponsor.  We ask that sponsors meet several
requirements in order to safely guide their inmate sponsees.  For more
information, please contact the Inmate Sponsorship Coordinator at

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