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Date: August 8th 2012

In an effort to stay connected and support the fellowship, CoDA’s Hospitals and Institutions Committee is using this periodic newsletter to communicate what it is working on and to share ways you can help the co-dependent who still suffers within institutions What H&I has done:

    Since January, 2012, H&I has handled 65 letters from inmates from 19 different institutions, 12 email inquiries from individuals and institutions, and responded to them all
  We have sent 58 Co-Dependents Anonymous books, 6 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbooks, and filled 8 requests for other CoDA literature

    We have updated the Books for Inmates and Institutions (BFII) Program and updated that part of the CoDA website
  Anyone desiring to donate money to be used to purchase Co-Dependents Anonymous books (full version) to be sent to inmates requesting them may do so using the following link: http://www
   CoDA matches dollar for dollar each donation (which is considered a Seventh Tradition donation) to this program
  For $8 donated, 2 books will be added to the inventory of books available to be sent to inmates requesting them
 The donor can also designate an institution to receive the books

Did you know:

    That we receive requests from inmates for sponsors?  Currently CoDA has no resources to respond positively to these requests
  So far this year we have had three such requests
  We are actively pursuing plans to remedy this

That we have already had a wonderful initial response to the updated BFII program? H & I is grateful to our Higher Power for nine donations from groups and individuals totaling $1,046 to this program this spring That will make available over 260 copies of the Co-Dependents Anonymous Books to be distributed to codependents who still suffer and for whom it would otherwise not be accessible

Opportunities for service:

The CoDA Hospitals and Institutions Committee is looking for individuals who would be willing to help develop a sponsoring program for inmates (setting up the guidelines for doing such service) If you think you might be interested, please contact us at hosp @ coda org (remove the spaces around " @ ")

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This list is for CoDA members who are H & I (Hospital and Institutions) contacts for their region or group. The purpose to send information regarding H & I service opportunities and resources from the H & I Committee and then for the contacts to share that information with their Intergroup or local meetings. Individual members may also be part of the list in order find out more about H & I service.

We appreciate your participation.


The Hospitals and Institutions Committee, Codependents Anonymous, Inc.

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