CoDA H & I Lights, Beam 2, September, 2011

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Date: September 29th 2011

"H&I Lights" is an "email blast" from CoDA's Hospitals and Institutions Committee (H&I)

What H&I has done:

One person's experience with a meeting in a jail My name is Lesa and I'm a volunteer member for CoDA World, H&I (Hospitals and Intuitions) Committee I currently attend the weekly Tue night meeting in the women's jail in San Diego The jail’s volunteer coordinator screens and clears CoDA members to attend the meeting I bring the meeting literature (found in the meeting starter packet) and the women run the meeting I share my experience, strength and hope along with gently keeping the meeting on track and answering any questions As handouts we offer the pamphlet "Recovery from Codependency" found on the CoDA website as a downloadable pdf Also, the local San Diego CoDA community donates literature for their H&I programs

CoDA World H&I does have a Books for Inmates program CoDA members donate the funds for a book and CoDA World matches the donation The information is available at http://www coda org/service/HIService htm

Inmates may write to CoDA, H&I Committee, PO Box 33577, Phoenix, AZ 85067-3577 directly to request literature

I have found that the CoDA program is most welcomed by the women

Did you know:

One prison has a strong meeting

Possibly one CoDA meeting with the largest number of members attending weekly is the Monday night meeting at the Ohio Reformatory for Women Over 50 women usually attend this meeting led by an inmate with a Recovery Services staff member facilitating (helping keep the meeting on track) This program has been going on for about 5 years, and has been life-changing for many of these women Every month the Hospitals & Institutions committee receives requests from 10-15 women in this facility for a Codependence Anonymous Book or other CoDA Literature When the requested literature arrives, it is received with great appreciation We recently learned that when a CoDA member is discharged, she frequently is given a copy of the meeting starter packet by the director of recovery services

Opportunities for service:

New price for CoDA Books donated to Books for Inmates & Institutions At the 2011 CSC it was announced that H & I is able to purchase the Codependence Anonymous Book for $8 00 CoDA matches dollar for dollar any donations to the Books for Inmates and Institutions program See Beam 1 for more details on making donations at: http://codependents org/cgi-bin/dada/mail cgi/archive/H_and_I/20110309222939/

You can make a difference

If some CoDA members are interested in doing service by starting a CoDA meeting or conducting an information session in a facility, you could try contacting a chaplain, program director, mental health services worker in that facility If any of you who read this have other suggestions, we would appreciate you're sharing your Experience, Strength, & Hope with us at hosp@CoDA org

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