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Getting Your Local CoDA Event Listed On The Website & In CoDA Emails

January 26th 2017

Getting Your CoDA Event Listed: Here's what to do: First in keeping with the traditions it must be sponsored by a part of Codependents Anonymous (meeting, intergroup, state organization, etc) & not by a professional counselor, church group, etc Please email our webmaster (currently Zach) at & to the board's Web Liaisons at  Zach will add your event to the Events Calendar on our web site If your event is already on the calendar, ...Continue Reading

CoDA January 8, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

January 24th 2017

Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call Date: Sunday January 8, 2017 Time:  2 pm-3:30 pm PST Skype for business invite [*]Establish order for round robin discussion Mary             Madeline Addie Gerry Denny Jen Lorraine [*]Turn on Recording (15 min) [*]Confirm, date, time and round robin order (for recording) [*]Welcome visitors if on call.  Yvonne and Conni [*]Ratify minutes (approved by email with changes) [*]Minutes date ...Continue Reading

CoDA December 2016 Board Meeting Summaries

January 16th 2017

Summary of CoDA World Conference Call  Sunday December 11, 2016 Time: 2:00 - 3:30 PM Eastern. Place: Skype for business invite. Meeting called to order by Chair Mary [*]Established order for Round Robin: Gerry, Mary, Addie, Jen, Lorraine, Madeline, Anita, Denny [*]Turn on Recording (15 minutes) [*]Welcome any visitors:  None visitors during this call. [*]Ratify minutes (Approved by email with changes) Denny made a motion to accept minutes from October 15-21 (CSC), and November 13.  Madeline sec ...Continue Reading

Email Communications Within CoDA

January 14th 2017

The contents of this email are from the 2016 CoDA Fellowship Service Manual (FSM). They were provided by the chair of the CoDA Service Structure Committee (SSC) & approved by the CoDA Service Conference. This email was approved by the CoDA Board Of Trustees Informative and timely communications are necessary for the growth and maintenance of any service organization. Lack of communication among our members can cause unnecessary conflict. CoDA members have requested guidance in applying ...Continue Reading

CoDA Service Conference 2016 Summary Report

January 8th 2017

_CoDA Service Conference 2016 Summary Report_ This CoDA Service Conference (CSC) report is a merging of 10 separate reports from 9 CSC Delegates. We greatly appreciate the service of those delegates in sharing their reports with the fellowship! The 10 documents were revised & edited into one document by Geff R, the CoDA Email List Coordinator, & fact checked and further edited by Lou L. of the CoDA Finance Committee & small parts were checked by several other CoDA Committees. It was approved by Mary I., the ...Continue Reading

CoDA Late Night New Year's Eve Telephone Meeting

December 28th 2016

The Contents Of This Email Are From The CoDA Telephone Meetings Service/Support  CoDA Tele-Meeting 712-770-4160    pin 475271# Happy New Year 2017 3rd annual New Year’s ‘Across the time zones Tele meeting’ December 31, 2016:  Start time; 11:00pm Eastern  (8 PM Pacific)  End time  ?  Pacific. Call in: 1 712-770-4160    access pin 475271# This is a free conference call. Thank you to all who support/serve the Codependence Ano ...Continue Reading

CoDA October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes (Face To Face)

December 23rd 2016

Board Minutes for CoDA World Board At CoDA Service Conference Carefree, Arizona October 15-21, 2016 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15TH The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, October 15th in person at the Carefree Resort before the annual CoDA Service Conference.  Members in attendance included: Gerald B, Mary I., Chris H., Denny H., and Lorraine O. as voting members and Conni I. as staff.   After opening procedures, Chris H. started the meeting by welcoming everyone and reminding us of the Board of Trustee’s miss ...Continue Reading

CoDA: Holiday Telephone Meeting Schedule

December 19th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Telephone Meetings, Happy Holidays from 1PM Eastern Telephone CODA Extra Holiday Support Meetings for the Holidays Call in number 712-770-4160 access pin 425173# All are in Eastern USA Standard Time December 24: 4 - 7 - 9 December 25: 5 - 7 - 9 December 31: 5 - 7 - 9 January 1: 5 - 7 - 9  Blessings to all. These meetings are special themed meetings and one hour long focusing on CODA recovery. Different trusted servants will moderate and prov ...Continue Reading

CoDA Holiday Email Viewing Issue/Fix

December 15th 2016

We apologize; we have learned that some email providers (gmail, msn, hotmail, outlook & likely others) did not render the email we sent earlier tonight correctly. Here's a link to most of what was actually sent (part of it would not fit in the "screen capture".                            Thank You,      &nbs ...Continue Reading

CoDA Announcements: Local Meeting Non Profit Bank Accounts

December 8th 2016

The following is a resending of an October 2012 email from the CoDA Communications Committee, From the 2012 Fellowship Service Manual: Can our group use the Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA) Tax ID Number? No. The CoDA Tax ID Number, also known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN) is not for use by any other level of CoDA except the corporate level. Why? The Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. EIN is specific to the corporation of CoDA, a US corporation. Having an "umbrella" tax status ...Continue Reading

CoDA: Carry The Message...From Your Home Computer

December 1st 2016

The Contents Of This Email are from the CoDA Email Team Sub-committee of the CoDA Communications Committee CARRY THE MESSAGE...FROM YOUR HOME COMPUTER Here is a very typical email we receive at CoDA World Service: My name is _______. I live in _________ and would like to know where can i attend to a first meeting. Difficult decision to swallow and accept that i have a problem to get it resolved i hope i am making the right desicion. This gives us on the Email Team an opening to describe our own experie ...Continue Reading

Required Readings For CoDA Meetings

November 25th 2016

The contents of this email are from your CoDA Email List Coordinator with the permission of my board liaison We recently sent out an email titled "CoDA Meeting Registration Inventory" written by the CoDA Communications Committee in 2013. While everything in that email was 100% accurate, some who do service for Coda World Fellowship have discovered that there is currently some language on the website & in the Fell ...Continue Reading

CoDA November 2016 Board Meeting Summaries

November 25th 2016

Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call Sunday, November 13th 2 pm-4:00 pm PST Skype for business invite _Members present: _   (Alphabetically) Addie M (Alternate) Anita F (Alternate) Gerry B (Trustee) Jen L (Trustee) Lorraine O (Vice-chair) Madeline R (Secretary) Mary I (Chair) _Not present._ Denny H (Pre-arranged) _Visitors:_ None Meeting called to order by Chair, Mary I [*]Established round robin for discussion Gerry Mary [*]  Madeline (Joined by phone) Ratify October 15-25, ...Continue Reading

CoDA: Meet Your 2016-2017 Board Of Trustees

November 19th 2016

The contents of this email is a colloboration between board member Addie H & Email List Co-ordinator Geff R You can email the CoDA Board of Trustees at As elected at the 2016 CoDA Service Conference: Chair Mary I. Sugar Grove, NC Vice Chair Lorraine O. Renton, Wa Treasurer Denny H. Dallas TX Secretary Madeline R. Port Saint Lucie, FL Trustees Gerald B. New Westminster, BC, Canada Jennifer L. Paso Robles, CA Alternates Anita F. Salt Lake City, UT ...Continue Reading

CoDA: New Call In Number For Phone Meetings

November 16th 2016

The content of this email is from The CoDA Alternative Meetings The tele-meeetings that use the dial in number 605-562-3140 is changing to 712-770-4160 effective November 17, 2016. All meeting access pins will remain the same. No change's to pin codes. That is the only number change. Other numbers will remain the same. You can review previous emails here: If you have a friend who would like to subscribe, please have them go here: ...Continue Reading

Sponsorship In CoDA

November 10th 2016

This is a resending of a message that originally went out on 3/13/11. The contents of this email are from the 2011 CoDA Communications Committee. SPONSORSHIP IN CoDA Sponsorship in CoDA is essentially different from sponsorship in other 12 step groups because of the nature of the disease of codependence. To be effective, CoDA sponsorship depends on the development of healthy boundaries on control issues such as advice-giving, care-taking, and rescuing. Giving feedback as sponsors, we can develop skills ...Continue Reading

CoDA Meeting Registration Inventory

November 3rd 2016

This is a resending of a message that originally went out on 6/4/13. The contents of this email are from the 2013 CoDA Communication Committee. Codependents come to CoDA in crisis and in urgent need of a meeting. Even old timers have to look for meetings, when they're away from home. People rely on information obtained from the CoDA website, local intergroup postings or the CoDA phone volunteers who locate meeting details for them. It's important that the online posting for your meeting - its address, c ...Continue Reading

NOVEMBER is CoDA Gratitude Month

October 29th 2016

This is a resending of a message that originally went out on 11/10/15. The contents of this email are from the 2015 CoDA Communications Committee What is Gratitude Month all about? In gratitude to our Higher Power and to Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA), the 2014 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) has designated November as a time for individuals, local meetings, Intergroups and Voting Entities to give thanks for how CoDA has helped them to live life. Coda Service Conference (CSC) suggests that groups at ...Continue Reading

CoDA Service Conference Electronic Delegate Package Update

October 19th 2016

The contents of this email were written by the Email List Coordinator , & the concept was approved by the CoDA Board Chair. Dear Fellowship Member,      In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to let you know that there have been a number of last minute additions & changes to the 2016 CoDA Service Conference Delegate Packet. If you are interested, you can download it here: In Service, Geff R CoDA Email Lists Co-Ordinator You ca ...Continue Reading

CoDA Outreach Resource Guide is Online!

October 16th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Outreach Committee, Announcing the CoDA OUTREACH RESOURCE GUIDE (ORG): For Fellowship members, by Fellowship members The world Outreach Committee is pleased to announce the new web-based Outreach Resource Guide (ORG), available on the Outreach tab of the CoDA World Services website at It contains a collection of information for CoDA members in search of guidance and ideas regarding carrying the message. Workgroups were formed to creat ...Continue Reading

CoDA Service Conference Final Delegate Packet Is Out

October 13th 2016

We wanted to let you know that the delegate packet for next week's CoDA conference is complete, & per CoDA's policy of transparency we are making it available to the entire fellowship as usual. You can download it here: It is available now. At some point on Thursday, if you prefer you can download it from the main website here: There was a bit of last minute confusion; to ensure you have the final pack ...Continue Reading

CoDA Service Conference World Reports Information

October 7th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA World Connections Committee, Thank you to those who have provided a 2016 WCC Voting Entity Country Questionnaire 2016 Informe Entidad de Voto del Comité de Conexiones Mundiales (1).docx IMPORTANT: if the above links don't work for you & you need the documents, please email Here are some option opportunities to share the report information with the Conference members: * Written report that will be compiled with all reports, including ...Continue Reading

2016 CoDA Fellowship Survey

September 29th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Events Committee, We would like to hear from you. We are sending you this link to a survey we’ve created, so we can collect your thoughts and share them at CoDA's annual business meeting, CoDA Service Conference, being held at the Carefree Resort in Carefree Arizona beginning October 18, 2016. Click on this link and reply by October 12, 2016. You can review previous emails here: ...Continue Reading

The CoDA Convention Is Only 5 Weeks Away!

September 26th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Events Committee, We are “5” Weeks Away From the Start of the 2016 International CoDA Convention!  Please register now. Go to and click on “Register for the 2016 CoDA Service Conference and International CoDA Convention Here” link. Once you arrive on the registration page, scroll down to “CSC Registration” or “ICC Registration”, both of these links will take you to the Eventbrite registration. Once you arrive on the registration page, you can o ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Readings Seeks Your Story

September 24th 2016

The contents of this email are from the Weekly Reading Sub Committee Of the CoDA Co-NNections Committee, We're writing today looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings. You can view the 2015 & 2016 readings here: We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are interested in receiving submissions from CoDA members that represent the authentic experience of recovery. ...Continue Reading
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