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CoDA Weekly Reading 5/16/17

May 16th 2017

I've worked a lot on my codependency and find that the relationship between employee and boss is the hardest to navigate for me. It is even harder because I believe my boss is a codependent not in recovery. The more I travel down the journey of recovery, the more I find myself frustrated over what to do. I've done a lot of research but haven't found anything that described what I was experiencing. I decided I just needed to sit down and write my own story that would hopefully help others. Most articles I found relati ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/9/17

May 9th 2017

I have always and still do struggle with insecurities; I not only struggle with mine but find myself in intimate relationships with significant others that do as well. It is a repetitive cycle I find myself in with myself and with others. It is about reminding myself that God is greater than my doubts, fear and insecurities, and he has not brought me this far to let me fall. I must also be reminded that it is not my place to take on anyone else's insecurities. It is my part to do the next right thing and it doesn't alw ...Continue Reading

CoDA Yearly Notice Of Web Site & Email Privacy Policies

May 4th 2017

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Legal Department, ** *We have updated our privacy policy. Take time to read our revised Privacy Policy  which will go into effect 30 days from the date of this email. If you continue to use our services on or after that date, you will be agreeing to these new terms and policy changes. * *If you have any questions, please let us know here and we'll be happy to assist you.* ** You can review previous ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/2/17

May 2nd 2017

   I have been in CoDA just over a year now and have worked harder on my recovery in the last year of my life than I ever have on anything else. I rarely miss a meeting because it has become my lifeline. We have a very strong group with amazing people who are supportive and caring. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found CODA.     I grew up with an alcoholic father who expected perfection and a mother who denied he was an alcoholic. I was the youngest of 5 children and when I was ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Book Work Group Needs Members

April 29th 2017

*CoDA Co-NNections Committee* *Service Workers Wanted* Google Docs expertise, book indexing experience, Table of Contents creation interest. *Requirements* One year of participation in Codependents Anonymous. *Purpose* To assist in the creation of a book of Fellowship Recovery Stories. *Where * Co-NNections Committee - Book Work Group If interested please email In Fellowship, Don B, Co-NNections Committee Chair You can review previous 2015 - 2017 readings here: http://codependen ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/25/17

April 25th 2017

Life before CODA was rough; it was like “black and white TV,” to quote a friend in recovery. I was lost in others, completely codependent on them and out of touch with who I was. I didn’t know what boundaries were, what self-care meant, about my likes and dislikes, my needs and wants, nor did I have much contact with my emotions and feelings. Empathy and sympathy were as foreign to me as Spain used to feel to me before I learned Spanish. CoDA helped from the first moment I went to a meeting and tearfully heard that I ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/18/17

April 18th 2017

 My life before CoDA was one full of anxiety, anger, control issues, and approval-seeking behavior—doing things I didn't want to do to be liked or loved, avoidance, and unable to handle changes in my life or when things didn't go the way that I had expected. I worked hard to try and make everyone happy. I couldn't make the hard or healthy choices. I didn't trust anyone or let myself be vulnerable to anyone. I never stood up for myself or spoke my thoughts to other family members because I didn't want to upset anyo ...Continue Reading

Co-NNections Broken Article Submission Link Work-Around

April 14th 2017

This may be of interest to any member who has recently attempted to submit an article to Co-NNections or plans to in the near future: Co-NNections just learned today that the Co-NNections "Submit your Article" link on is broken. We don't know how long it's been down. Co-NNections assures you that restoring this link is a priority for CoDA, & we hope it will be functional on Monday. Since the Co-Nnections Committee can't guarantee that, we wanted to provide you with an alternate means to submit ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/11/17

April 11th 2017

CODA has helped me to truly live and enjoy my life. I was able to quickly recognize my codependent behaviors. Before CoDA, I did not understand why others did not adore me! Wasn't I a helpful, fun, and friendly person? Didn't I give my all to my friendships? Why did my siblings often get upset with me? Was it just because I was the oldest child in the family? Why did I have so much trouble fitting in at my jobs? I thought I was a team player. Why did I give up on my jobs when the going got tough? I was perplexed all of ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/4/17

April 4th 2017

I am in charge of my life; my credit worthiness comes from inside. I am the driver in this game, and I can choose the fast or slow lane. I am in charge of my time and that feels fine. I set goals to thrive and choose compassion to survive. I am the one who calls the shots, but not in a mean way. Saying "NO" and "I'm not ready" are OK. I have emotional sobriety, and I hold it steady, wisely. If it makes me anxious or doesn't feel right, I can leave and hold myself tight. My inventory is m ...Continue Reading
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