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CoDA Meeting In Print Sub-Comittee Seeks New Members

March 5th 2017

The contents of this email are from the Meeting In Print Subcommittee of the CoDA Co-NNections Committee Hi CoDA community, Our new publication, Meeting in Print, is looking for two new members to join the work with delivering this increasingly popular CoDA recovery tool! We're looking for a Vetting Member and a Multimedia Member, see descriptions of what these members would do below. VETTING MEMBER * To look through the archive of submissions we have and: Organise them logically according to length (sh ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/28/17

February 28th 2017

Like many before me, I crawled into my first CODA meeting on my knees. I had struggled with 'life' for many years, but somehow managed to 'get by'. However in the autumn of 2014, something occurred. It was, in truth, nothing new -- another relationship failure. Then - a strange thought came into my head. Codependency. I had no idea, at the time, what on earth that meant. I now interpret it as my higher power telling me my issues were not to be solved on my own. I didn't even know what codependency was - there was no al ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/21/17

February 21st 2017

I only recently discovered that I suffer from Codependency when I made the very difficult and painful decision to separate from my my husband ... my best friend and soul mate of 28 years. We have only been married for 11 of those 28 years, but we may as well have been married the whole time. Though I have struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD for upwards of 35 years, there was really only one common thread through all of this..... my need to make everything OK and everyone happy, but neglecting my own needs ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/14/17

February 13th 2017

I came to CoDA (and, for many years, Emotions Anonymous) because I was in danger of losing my marriage as well as my relationship with our kids. I was raging constantly. I got into my marriage with the notion that I was the center, I was to be catered to., I would fly into a rage if my loved ones crossed me, disagreed with me, weren't able to be with me when I wanted them to be with me or give me what I thought I needed. I would fly into a rage simply if things didn't go my way (in which case I would find someone to bl ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/7/17

February 7th 2017

My codependency began in childhood from my father's emotional and verbal abuse. As I developed adult relationships, the pattern of attracting men that were controlling and abusive continued. I knew of the abuse in my 30's but eventually ignored it until I was in my early 50's and having ended an abusive relationship with an alcoholic. I am now fully aware of the abuse and my codependency. My sister is still in denial about our childhood and is married to a verbally abusive man. I know I need to get back to the Coda gro ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/31/17

January 31st 2017

I've just become a part of CoDA. Though I've just begun to learn the teachings, I already feel by being a part of this group that this is just the beginning of an amazing recovery. I can't wait to see what's in store. I just don't know if my story is cohesive.... it really began when I realized I was married to someone I would consider a narcissist. I reported my husband to the army Family advocacy board and they denied my claim for emotional abuse because it didn't meet criteria their computer system generates from vo ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/24/17

January 24th 2017

Hi, My name is Kate, and I am codependent. Those words seem so simple and strong, which is in stark contrast to the way I feel on my journey at times. I started CoDA 3 months ago when a coworker mentioned it to me. It has since been something I look forward to each and every week. I'm new to 12 step programs in general, but am loving the program in its entiriety. My codependency is deeply rooted in my childhood having grown up with an alcoholic and narcotic abusing older brother and having severely codependent paren ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/17/17

January 17th 2017

I didn't realize the reason I couldn't get out of bed anymore was due to years of an exhausting drive to control others so that I felt important. Eventually it wore me down to where I wasn't able to help anyone. This was my crossroad. Helping people is what gave me self-worth, now I was only left with a very depressed, very useless, me. Everyone kept telling me to take time for myself, to just focus on me, and honestly, it felt like a death sentence. I wasn't enough. I don't know how it happened, I just know I started ...Continue Reading

Volunteers Wanted: CoDA Co-NNections Book of Recovery Stories

January 11th 2017

CoDA Co-NNections Book of Recovery Stories The CoDA Board of Trustees has authorized the Co-NNections Committee to compile a book of recovery stories drawn from the Co-NNections archives! Wanted: Members of the Fellowship who desire to help create this book. Interested Fellowship Members would serve on a book Work Group. This Work Group will have the same standing as the other Co-NNections Subcommittees: Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print, except the Book Work Group will be disbanded at the completion of the proje ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/10/17

January 9th 2017

"Keeping My Peace" We all have challenges we face on a daily basis whether it is work, family, romantic relationships, friendship, or financial issues. For me, keeping peace in my heart and in my mind is essential to navigating all of these avenues of life. However, sometimes maintaining the peace in my head is very challenging. A few weeks ago, I was not in a peaceful state of mind. I allowed the world to take my peace. That was a difficult place for me, as I had not been in that level of darkness in over ...Continue Reading
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