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CoDA Weekly Reading 8/8/17

August 8th 2017

(Mailing list information, including how to remove yourself with 1 click, is located at the end of this message.) I was mute - emotionally and vocally. My vision was dim and only directly ahead of me. My future stifled by my pained heart, confusion and anxiety. Always apologizing for who I was, what I thought and why I asked. Who am I without the overbearing tone glaring into my soul? Where was my ‘self’? My whole self? Where was the sky and limitless opportunities? My brain and heart were on ‘pause’ and paranoia was ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 8/1/17

August 1st 2017

(Mailing list information, including how to remove yourself, is located at the end of this message.) *_I’VE GOT CODA!_* *I see the beauty in the world* *‘round and ‘round as I twirl* *faster & faster until I fall* *fascinated by it all* *but where am I now?* *Sad, lonely, and confused* *wondering to myself, "What shall I do?"* *And then appears a road before me* *to guide me ahead * *"To a CoDA meeting"* *It had read.* *In the room so calm and quiet* *I found peace and knew by it* * ...Continue Reading

Correction: CoDA Co-NNections Meeting In Print Issue #4 Is Out

July 26th 2017

(Mailing list information, including how to remove yourself, is located at the end of this message.) To the CoDA Fellowship from the Meeting in Print Subcommittee, Yesterday the subcommittee emailed you the announcement of the posting of the 4th edition of MiP. Two incorrect items were listed at the bottom of the Four Foundational Documents creating the impression that CoDA has six items that must be read at a meeting. Our apologies for our mistake. CoDA only has Four Required Foundational Documents: The W ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 7/25/17

July 25th 2017

(Mailing list information, including how to remove yourself, is located at the end of this message.) We have something special for this week's weekly reading: 2 historical Co-NNections Newsletters from 1998 have been found! They are similar to the current Meeting in Print, but these were created with technology from the 20th century so we've got scans of the printed newsletters for you. There's several great historical recovery readings on each newsletter from 1998 CoDA members, we hope you enjoy! Because these are pho ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Meeting In Print Issue #4 Is Out

July 25th 2017

(Mailing list information, including how to remove yourself, is located at the end of this message.) /Meeting in Print/ /(MiP)/, a CoDA Co-NNections subcommittee, is proud to announce that the latest issue of its publication, themed /"Grateful for Recovery"/. MiP is a quarterly publication that gives you the feeling of a live meeting while opening up space for texts, poetry, artwork and even music to help the CoDA community towards recovery. Each edition contains the following elements required in a CoDA gro ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 7/18/17

July 18th 2017

Hearing What I Need to Hear Within the fellowship, I always hear something that I need to hear. I may not want to hear whatever it is - at least, my ego may not want to. If I let that take over yet again, then I am in trouble and back up on the cross. There are no bad examples - only good ones of what to do, and what not to do. This - sharing - helps me by reminding me of what I was like, what happened, and what I can be like if I choose to allow myself to slide back into those old habits and false beliefs. However, ha ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 7/11/17

July 11th 2017

A long time ago I saw a Ziggy cartoon where the title character was wearing a sandwich board sign that simply said "I'M SORRY". Many people didn't get it or thought it was stupid but I understood. I got it. I had felt that way my entire life. Apologetic. Shamed to be present in a world where I seemingly had no place. Where I never fit in. Was never good enough. My only sibling was seven years my senior. It was like having three parents --always with the eyes watching me for mistakes, untruths, awkwardness, fa ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 7/4/17

July 4th 2017

This is my 1 year in recovery letter. It feels like a lifetime ago that I walked into my first meeting. The person I was then is still with me today, but so much has changed. I have had so many transformative moments, surrendering’s, understandings, and a compassion and love for myself that is greater now than any other time in my life. But I realize, I have so much growing still to do in loving myself well. I still tend to feel more comfortable in suffering and chaos than in peace. But when I do feel peace I try to r ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Readings Seeks Submissions

June 29th 2017

We're writing today looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings. You can view previous 2015 - 2017 readings here: We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are interested in receiving submissions from CoDA members that represent the authentic experience of recovery. We are especially looking for submissions that not only focus on the pain and struggle associated with codependency, b ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 6/27/17

June 27th 2017

Seventh CoDA Birthday It has been said that every 7 years we have a totally new body. All cells have died and replicated into new ones. Likewise, I feel my life has gone through a miraculous change from chaos, pain and grief to a more ordered, peaceful and hopeful perspective over the past 7 years. I had hit a wall 30 years ago when my son was chemically dependent and all of us went to treatment. I continued to attend Al-Anon after leaving treatment, then found CoDA shortly after. When I read those “characteristics,” ...Continue Reading
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