CoDA: If Your Home Group Is Experiencing Conflict

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Subject: CoDA: If Your Home Group Is Experiencing Conflict
Date: February 10th 2018

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The following is an email we originally sent on 5/15/15

It was vetted for republication by the Friday Fellowship subcommittee of the CoDA Communications Committee,

The contents of this email are from your CoDA Email List Coordinator; the first 3 documents referenced were written between 2011-2015 by the CoDA Communications Committee


We've received several questions about this lately, so this email's purpose is to serve as a pointer to 3 previous emails we have sent since 2011 on healthy & functional meetings.

We hope that if needed or helpful, you will consider printing these out & taking them to your home group for review. CoRE also offers material on Crosstalk & Healthy Meetings, which can solve many problems.

1.  "Healthy Meetings Checklist"

The link above includes both a message & a word doc that you can print out.  

2.  "Meeting Registration Inventory"

3.  "I Don't Like My CoDA Meeting"


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