CoDA December 14, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA December 14, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: January 11th 2018

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,


CoDA World Board Conference Call

Summary of meeting

Thursday – December 14, 2017

5 pm-6:30 pm PST

Skype for business invite


Members present: Jen L, Linda A, Madeline R, Mary I, Salle H

Visitors on the call: Conni Z, from Association Management Company (SOS) and John R, Chair of Communications Committee (ComCom)

Meeting called to order at 5:15 PM by Chair Jen L

Round Robin order stablished – Jen, Linda, Madeline, Mary, Salle –


Items for consent agenda


* Add bookkeeper to the checking account; primarily to help with transition from year to year, treasurer to treasurer; permitted to write checks -checks over $1,000, bookkeeper to notify treasurer via email, and treasurer acknowledge approval


* Have all board members as users on MS365, cost approximately $4 month per person


* Have TMC Chair respond to St. Petersburg - There’s conflictive information, referred to Issues and Mediations Committee (IMC) for assistance. On hold pending recommendations from IMC


* Minutes and Summary of November as amended


Madeline motioned to accept Consent agenda as is, Mary seconded - Unanimously approved -




Secretary (Madeline) Action List updates: 1. Events gathering of waivers from ICC speakers from 2014- 2016. 2. Support for the Internationals. Most other action list items are complete


Action Item


1. Salle will reach out to Events get update on waivers and report to Board

2. Linda volunteered to work on internationals webpage project


Website update (Jen) Discussed - Board responses to service information page survey. Website priorities. Analytics for better utilization of web


1. Action Item - Jen to send list of priorities for Board discussion and schedule next meeting with developer for January -


Legal (Mary) -Emotions Anonymous (DAA) wants to meet on issues. Round Robin discussions. Meet by Skype or phone. Arrange for board representation and notification


Action Items

1. Mary to arrange participation

2. Secretary will arrange meeting


CoRe Report (Salle/Linda) - CoRe currently deciding its location, an event they have decided no Board liaison need attend. Linda to attend their January teleconference. Salle could attend key f2f discussions via Skype. Response to be created by CoRE liaisons to CoRE's email on Spanish Translations.


Action Item

1. Response to be sent to CoRe by CoRe's liaisons


Translation Management Committee (TMC) Report (Madeline) - UK contract now with Polworth (publisher). Issues Board has agreed – in certain countries one translator can sign documentation- have someone outside Iran sign their documentation. In process: - China, Holland, Iran (Farsi), and Netherlands - Turkey interested in Farsi. Next 2x2 not yet scheduled. Board recommendations for rotations are pending committee GC


Treasurer (Salle) Scheduling 2x2 meeting with Finance


Action Item: Salle to notify Lou she and Mary will be attending Finance's 2x2s


Old Business

1. Ways for the Board to help Treasurer. Round Robin discussions - Reducing assignment, bookkeeper could process email coordinator payroll. – Does not see a need to ask for help; will ask if needed. Committees not a heavy load. Will reach out to email coordinator and set up payment process for him. ERR’s all paid except for two. Reaching out to SOS for help with recurring payments. Adding bookkeeper to the checking account is mostly for transitional periods after each CSC and/or during special occasions.


Action Items:


1. Salle to offer her contact number to email coordinator and have him alert her when monthly invoices are sent


Workgroup Formation. (Jen) Only one person volunteered. Discussion: Sending email blast asking for volunteers.

* Action Item: - Madeline to draft email blast and send for Board review


Communications: (John R.) Communications items on the web task list went blank. Didn’t get response to query. Comm info is now completed. Adding an extra column to the task list for an acknowledging check mark from the Web liaison will help. Round Robin discussions – Currently without Webmaster, if a request cannot be done by SOS, Web liaison will notify the requesting committee. If you send a response and it does not get answered after a week or so, please send a second email


Translation software (Linda and Madeline) - Computerized/automatic translations are inaccurate, requiring proofing by two (and preferably more) bilingual people familiar with CoDA terms. SDL Trados, a translation software product, it does not perform the actual translation and is complex to learn, but is a useful tool for the creation of professional translations at a faster pace. Could produce uniform multi-lingual translations. It stores translation matches. Past translations of Spanish literature sketchy, not very useful. This changed as Spanish Outreach (Spo) started to proofread. Unfortunately, at present SPO short of members and therefore is concentrating on helping non-English speaking Hispanic codependents find meetings and information

* Action Item - Linda and Madeline to continue assessing software and report to the Board.

* Linda and Madeline to work on an email blast seeking bilingual volunteers interested in


* Linda and Madeline to work on an email blast seeking bilingual volunteers interested in proofreading and translation


Motion. Mary made a motion to extend the meeting for 20 more minutes. Linda seconded. Unanimously approved.


1990 CSC decision on using outside literature in CoDA meetings (Linda) – Discussion – Last sentence has a link to long version of the AA Traditions. Round Robin suggestions - Literature may want to create CoDA’s long version of the Twelve Traditions. Removing the link, asking Comm to send it as email blast. Placing article on the Website and FAQ sections


Action items


* Linda to ask Communications if they want to send e-blast.

* Web liaison to have Zach post it on the site and in FAQ section

* Web liaison with Linda will post information on the Spanish-translated CoDA site

* Linda and Madeline to work on sending the Spanish e-blast

Approved Outreach toolkit. (Board) Discussions – Literature Committee seeking information

* Action Item - Sally to send answers to Literature Committee about the Toolkit


Allowing 2018 first-time attendees to join the Board as alternates (Madeline) Round Robin discussions - Small Board is limited, can’t take on extra workloads. Inexperienced members take time to learn Board procedures. Board can ask members to join after CSC, but this deprives the Fellowship of the opportunity to meet, greet and ask the nominees questions. Alternates could listen and learn; perform smaller tasks. Not having attended a previous CSC does not mean that first-time attendees are new to CoDA. Accepting them as Alternates would provide them with a first year to learn how to negotiate Baard procedures. It is a recovery thing. Deferred for email discussion Letter on Spanish Translations from CoRe (Board)


* Action Item: Liaisons to work on the response and send to Board for review.


Mary motioned to accept the definition of the workgroup as discussed. Linda seconded. Unanimously approved.


* Action Item: Madeline to craft email blast with approved definition and send to Board for review.



Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM by Jen. Next work discussion meeting -December 28, 2017- Next Board

call January 11, 2018 both at 5:00 PM PST

Summary submitted by: Madeline R, board secretary

Approved by: CoDA board of trustees


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