CoDA October 9, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA October 9, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: November 27th 2017

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,


CoDA World Board Conference Call


Thursday, October 9, 2017

5 pm-6:30 pm PST

Skype for business invite


Members present: Linda A, Jen L, Madeline R, Mary I, Salle H

Visitors: Conni Z, -Association Management Company (SOS) -


Meeting called to order at 5:15 PM by Chair Jen L

Round Robin stablished Linda, Mary, Madeline, Jen, Salle


Items for consent agenda


  • F2F minutes from Oct.


  • Consent agenda unanimously approved


  1. Reports


Treasurer (Salle) Recurring payments being set-up, all due bills will be paid tomorrow. Processing access to Eventbrite. Discussion- Granting Finance chair view-access to financial accounts.


  • Mary motioned to grant view-access to the Chair of finance for the following accounts: Pay Pal, Eventbrite, QuickBooks, Banks of Arizona, and Chase Bank. Salle seconded. Approved unanimously.


  • Action Item Salle will inform finance chair results of motion, and connect with Yvonne for access to Eventbrite. She will alert board if any problems setting up payments -


Secretary Report (Madeline) Action list updates moved to next board call. - World Connections Committee (WCC) seeking access to Microsoft 365 and chair forum email. Would help to have multilingual translation software since their committee work is to connect and communicate in other languages and different countries Discussions. Cost, capabilities to share, performance. Microsoft 365 has multilingual translations - WCC seeks to expand communication with Mexican delegates, learn to set- up Spanish-speaking meetings and start a Spanish meeting in Phoenix. Chair is seeking help.


  • Madeline made a motion to allocate a small part of the contingency funds to pay for gas and one-night hotel for World Connections Committee Chair to reach out to CoDA SoCal Hispanic Fellowship in California, learn from SoCal to set up a Spanish-speaking meeting and reach out Mexican delegates. Mary seconded.


Discussions. Mexico has not sent delegates to CSC in several years, this could be a good opportunity to communicate and reach out. SoCal has many Spanish-speaking meetings, WCC could learn from them how to set one up. Will need to be approved by finance too. This task could be delegated to the two committee members living in the area. Great idea, but not be feasible to reimburse all committee chairs wanting to reach out. Voting results: 1 in favor, 4 against it. Motion did not pass.


Discussion multilingual software for SPO. SPO researched and found one product, with middle of the road price. Linda noted that she has the low-price version and is happy with it. Board is wanting more information in order to purchase a software that will work for CoDA committees. Questions include price, can it be used by multiple people or only one subscriber, can it be put into MS360 and shared that way?


  • Action Item. Madeline to contact Zach to set up Microsoft Account for WWC, notify results of the motion to WCC Chair.
  • Linda and Madeline to research multilingual translation software


Website updates (Jen) - Website workgroup will soon have its 3rd meeting with developer


Legal Report. (Mary) Not much activity in the legal group. Board could deal with most issues. Considering if it is still needed. It could easily be re-established if necessary. Discussion Dependents Anonymous Website. (DAA) and their use of our copyrighted logo. DAA, we have discovered, is not CoDA-French. IT is a different program, and is using CoDA materials and logo. Mary will contact attorney.


CoRE Report. (Salle) Plans to assist CoRE meetings at least every other month. It will help if she receives their monthly minutes. Marcie resigned from CoRe. Gerry added as a new CoRe board member.


  • Action Item: Linda and Salle to talk concerning attending CoRE meetings.


Translation Management Committee (TMC) Report (Madeline) Netherland, UK, and China have been asking for follow-ups on their translations requests, applications, and/contracts renewals. Not yet able to set up the next 2x2 with TMC Attempts to contact Chair of TMC has not been successful.


New Business


  • Liaisons to check with their committee and have Zach update their alias. Make sure all Chairs have Microsoft 360.


  • Mary made a motion to extend meeting by 10 minutes. Madeline seconded. All approved.


  • Board F2F second weekend of April in Phoenix. Round Robin results- All in favor. -

Agenda for Next Meeting to include

  • Updating List of Action Items
  • Motion database


  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 6:46 PM by Jen. Next work group meets November 30th, Board call Dec 14th both at 5:00 PM PST

Summary submitted by: Madeline R, board secretary

Approved by: CoDA board of trustees



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