Summary for CoDA World Board Face-2-Face (F2F) meeting 9/6/17 - 9/9/17 Minnesota

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Subject: Summary for CoDA World Board Face-2-Face (F2F) meeting 9/6/17 - 9/9/17 Minnesota
Date: October 25th 2017

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,


Summary for CoDA World Board Face-2-Face (F2F) meeting

October 6-9, 2017. Minneapolis, Minnesota


Friday, Oct 9 - 1800-19:30- US Central time

Meeting was called to order by Mary I, at 1800


Members present: Addie M, Anita F, Gerry B, Jen L, Lorraine H, Madeline R, and Mary I. Conni Z, from Association Management Solution (SOS)


  1. Consent Agenda for Approval (unanimously approved)
  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Ratify previous motion to hire Intersection online as new Website developer and needed requirements.
  • Motion to provide audio visual live streaming at CSC


  1. Items for discussion:
  • Increase pay for the two Fellowship Service workers. Addie M motioned, Jen L seconded. Approved by majority.
  • Review of Board Meeting agenda for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, potential Board candidates, meeting with local Fellowship, CoRE, and Chair Forum. Voting Entity Issues (VEI) assigned.


  1. Saturday, Oct 10 - 0900-1700- . Josine of local Fellowship joined as observer for a few hours.


1. Items for discussion:


  • Treasurer Report and bank balances (Addie M) National Bank of Arizona Savings - $160,453.64; Chase Checking - $150,784.22; Chase Savings - $60,091.34.
  • Website updates. (Gerry B) Terms of contract reviewed.
  • Legal. (Mary I, Madeline R.) Expecting a response soon.
  • Secretary Report. (Madeline R) Action list updated.
  • Vice-Chair report. (Lorraine H) Confidentiality and email list. Requests need to come from Committee Liaison. Zach will extract and provide emails to Geff for Board-approved distributions.
  • Chair report. (Mary I) Offered suggestions for Global outreach
  • Members ideas and suggestions for Board presentation at CSC


  1. Old Business:
  • Late and revised motions. P&P on CSC reviewed. Motion to approve section 2.9.5 in Board P&P as amended passed unanimously.
  • Confidentiality concerns. Email list available only to paid service workers. Include privacy statements in monthly board summaries.


  1. New Business:
  • Final budgets, QuickBooks, class classification. Conni to follow-up.
  • Chairs forum on Monday.
  • A smooth CSC
  • Improvements for future Conferences and Board collaborations with Committees.
  • Strategic Plan
  • Copyright release for our APP – still in progress.


Sunday, October 8 - 0900-1300

  1. Items for discussion:
  • Motions at CSC. Members reviews and inputs.


Monday, October 9 – 0900-1700

Items for discussion:

  1. CSC preparations throughout the year
  2. Board met with CoRE Board
  3. Board met with Issues and Mediation Committee (IMC)
  4. Communications motion No.4
  5. Placement of CSC reports


Gerry made motion to create work group to delineate legal responsibilities and healthy boundaries between the fellowship structure and the corporation structure with other interested parties in the committee groups. Seconded by Jen. Unanimously approved.


List of action items:

  • Addie to contact Chase Bank for how we can get new signatories done.
  • Madeline to add privacy policy to the bottom of the summary each month.
  • SOS to put budgets by class for each committee into QuickBooks, after approved at CSC.
  • SOS to provide the latest meetings contact list to Lorraine and Geff for email list use.
  • Lorraine and Geff working on a CSC prep timeline with a work group.
  • Gerry to spearhead a work group to discuss the Fellowship and Corporation structure.
  • SOS to put final CSC reports in the delegate packets and find a place for past delegate packets.
  1. Adjournment


Meeting was adjourned the meeting at 1700.


Summary submitted by: Madeline R, board secretary

Summary approved by: Board of Trustees.


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