CoDA Board Of Trustees Seeks New Members

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Subject: CoDA Board Of Trustees Seeks New Members
Date: August 5th 2017

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The contents of this email are from the CoDA Board Of Trustees,

Help needed!!


CoDA members - Please consider doing service with the CoDA Board of Trustees. The board has many things they would like to accomplish and we need help to get our goals met. We are in need of people who have a few hours a week (twenty or more hours during critical times).


The CoDA Board may have as many as 11 board members plus 3 alternates; we currently have 7 board members (and 1 alternate) and will be losing at least two of them in October. If you have experience in web sites, our web liaison is leaving, so we are hoping someone will step forward to assist in the web work.


If you have been thinking about doing this type of service work, have additional questions or need additional information, please contact us at For further information and due dates, see application (link below). Here is the link to the application:


You can review previous emails here:

If you have a friend who would like to subscribe, please have them go here:

If you have a general question about CoDA (as opposed to the specific content of this email), please email .

If you wish more information by phone, please call (888) 444-2359 {Toll free} or (602) 277-7991.

For Spanish inquiries you may email or call (888) 444-2379 {Spanish toll free}.

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