CoDA July 13th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA July 13th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: August 4th 2017

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,

CoDA World Board Call Summary

Thursday July 13, 2017

5 pm-6:30 pm PST

Skype for business invite


Mary I, called meeting to order at 5:15 PM Pacific


Board members present: Addie M, Anita F, Gerry B, Jen L, Lorraine O, Madeline R, Mary I


Visitors: Ian, CoDA UK Literature Secretary welcomed to the call


Round Robin for discussions: Gerry, Jen, Mary, Lorraine, Madeline, Anita, Addie




  • Approval of Consent Agenda for this month
  • F2F minutes for June
  • Chairs Report, (will be providde after forum)
  • Treasure Report.


Chase Balances:

Plat Bus Checking: $138,826.85

Bus Select Sav: $60,083.91

National Bank of Arizona

Balance: $160,425.64



  1. Gerry motioned to accept consent agenda. Madeline Seconded. Unanimously approved


  • UK Report. (Ian)

Offered updates on activities, status of literature, renewal of contract, online donations, UK Website.


Action item:

  • Gerry and Madeline to discuss UK contract next 2x2 with TMC
  • Addie to assist processing UK donations


  • Website Update – Gerry/Jen/Lorraine.

Fellowship responded well to announcement. Website to-do-list is working smoothly. Discussions: storing of data. CoRE page.


Action Item:

  • Lorraine will work with Association Management Solution (SOS) on storage of data.
  • Legal work group Update –Mary/Madeline


Discussions: descriptions of a workgroup, duties, time-commitment and requirements.


  • CoRe 2X2 update – Lorraine/Addie


Contract to be signed soon.


  • Translation Management Committee (TMC) 2X2 Update – Gerry/Madeline


Workgroup met, very productive. Feeling positive of recent activities of TMC. Discussions: Board participation.


Action item:

  • Deferred for email discussion.


  • Initiative #6 workgroup (Anita)


Discussed: Corporate and Fellowship involvement. Everyone agreed the initiative is a good project, like to know more details.


Action Item:

  • Deferred for email discussion.


  • Secretary Report –


  1. action list. Florida seeking input for their future site.


  • Action Item: Madeline will contact.


Old Business:


  • CoDA APP

Discussions: “Giving Wise” beta version and UK Application.


  • Mary will send beta version of “Giving Wise” app for Board review.
  • UK app for email discussion


  • Motions for CSC/plan for CSC

Discussion: Deadline for motions and bylaws.


Action item:


  • Deferred for email and group discussion.


  • Initiative 9 – Addie


Discussed: This is part of Strategic Plan. Project is being worked in smaller segments.


  • Finance Committee Guidelines for Committees F2F.


Discussions: Chairs accepted Finance Committee guidelines for F2F rotation. Board supports guidelines and recommends bringing them over to CSC


  • Addie made a motion to extend meeting five more minutes. Jen seconded it. Unanimously approved. Motion passed.


  • Addie made a motion for the Board to Support Finance Committee guidelines for Face2Face meeting rotation. Lorraine seconded. Unanimously approved. Motion passed.


  • New business


  • Lorraine made motion to pay one year in advance to save money. Addie seconded. Unanimously approved. Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 6:36 PM with the Closing Prayer.


Next meetings:


Board discussion group: Thursday July 27th, 2017, 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern


Board Call: Thursday August 10, 2017 at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern.



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