Upcoming 10/17 CoDA Service Conference & Local Motions Deadline

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Subject: Upcoming 10/17 CoDA Service Conference & Local Motions Deadline
Date: July 28th 2017

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The contents of this email are a collaboration between a number of CoDA Trusted Servants & Fellowship Service Workers (both current & past).


Hello to the CoDA fellowship! We wanted to let you know that the 2017 CoDA Service Conference is coming up in just over 2 months.

Per CoDA's 12 Traditions & 12 Service Concepts, your delegates are encouraged to vote the Group Conscience of the portion of the fellowship they represent, rather than their own will. Another important role that your delegate performs is to keep your local fellowship informed of issues effecting CoDA as a whole, & where appropriate to make the CoDA World Fellowship aware of your local area's Group Conscience.

We will be sending you notice as Conference motions are posted, & sincerely hope you & your meeting will choose to read them & than inform your delegate(s) of your meeting's Group Conscience.

Any "Voting Entity" (usually a state in the USA or any country with a local CoDA organization) can submit motions (aka VEI's: Voting Entity Issues)  for consideration at the CoDA Service Conference; which this year runs from 10/9 - 10/13 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

We also want to make sure that you are aware that September 10th is the deadline for on time Voting Entity Issues ("VEI's") for the 2017 CoDA Service Conference.

If your area wishes to submit a motion, you can download motion forms here:


Please change the word "committee" to "VE" & your state or Country (The name of your "VE").

Please email the completed form to submitcsc@coda.org by the end of the day on 9/10/17.

Please direct on topic replies or questions to board@coda.org or imcvel@coda.org

Please send general CSC questions to events@coda.org


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