CoDA June 23-25th, 2017 Board Face to Face Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA June 23-25th, 2017 Board Face to Face Meeting Summary
Date: July 17th 2017

The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,

CoDA World

Board Face to Face Meeting Summary

June 23-25, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona.


Friday June23rd

Meeting called to order by Mary I, at 2:00 PM

Members present: Addie M, Anita F, Gerry B, Jen L, Lorraine O, Madeline R, Mary I

Members absent: Denny H (gave notice)

Visitors: Conni I, from Association Management Solutions. (SOS)



Treasure’s Report (Addie)

Financial reports distributed. Discussed: Brazil and UK wanting to donate 7th Tradition. Process to expedite international donations.

Action item:

  • Gerry will follow up Brazil’s donation with Translation Management Committee (TMC) Addie will follow up with UK
  • Conni will design new tab for international donations.

Website Update (Gerry)

Discussed: website problems, probabilities of merging. Audio-visual of various sites shown. Creation RFP (request for proposal) for internal and external bids.

Jen motioned to have Gerry seek out Meeting Locator software to be used at our site. Madeline seconded. Approved unanimously.

Action item.

  • Gerry, Lorraine, Jen create workgroup to work on the RFP.
  • Gerry reach out to obtain Meeting Locator.

Legal Items (Gerry)

Gerry stepped down as Legal Liaison. Mary taking his place. Madeline joined legal. Discussed: venues for tracking contracts including renewals. SOS can help. TMC workgroup and job descriptions


Action Items:

  • To check TMC Workgroup, job description in FSM
  • Meet with SOS to set up tracking process.



SATURDAY AGENDA - June 24th at 9am

Secretary Report (Madeline)

Updated Action Items.


SPO 2X2 Report

Discussed: Spanish Outreach (SPO) liaison switch

  • Action item: Madeline will notify SPO

Strategic Plan Initiative #6

Discussed: Corporation and Fellowship. (Deferred for Sunday)


CSC Preparation and Motions

Discussion: Board report. Engaging the Fellowship at CSC. Presentations, skit, possible video as recruitment tool. Session for Q&A


Audio or Video Streaming of CSC

Discussed: Anonymity, audio participation. Fellowship Forum for Q&A, survey to be sent before CSC. CSC deadlines.


Action Items:

  • New Fellowship Forum for July 22nd topic audio streaming at CSC, and August 5th topic CSC motions and information. All at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern. Mary and Jen to provide information in the next Chairs Forum

CSC Motions

  1. Bylaw Addition/Dissolution Clause – Currently in by-laws. Delete and add reference to Articles of Incorporation.
  • Action List: Lorraine will write and send for board review
  1. Board Member Temporary Leave of Absence – Discussed: Add in Bylaws: “Family leave not to exceed 45 days as reasons for a board member position to become vacant.

Action Item:

  • Create bylaw update for Article 6, Section 5.


  • Lorraine made a motion that due to the resignation of a current board member, Addie will be appointed a permanent voting board member until the 2017 CSC. Madeline seconded. Approved unanimously.
  • Lorraine made a motion to appoint Addie Treasurer until the 2017 CSC. Jen seconded. Approved unanimously.

Liaisons changes due to Board member resignation

Voluntary redistribution of liaisons done.

Action Item:

  • Liaisons to notify committees as needed
  • Zach to update aliases.


Recordings – Discussion: Minutes and Summaries are sent monthly, Service Reports quarterly. Recording is a tool for absentee Board members and secretarial work. Board meetings are open unless executive. Anyone can join and discuss topics of interest.

Action Items:

  • Mary to response to the Chairs Forum regarding recordings.
  • Anita and Madeline set up a 2X2 information meeting with Communications Committee .

Process for website changes – Discussed. Spreadsheet for Chairs to request web changes and committee updates. Web liaison will monitor, and webmaster do weekly updates. Goal is to have Chairs manage own aliases in future.
Action Items:

  • Liaisons will inform their Chairs
  • Gerry and Zach to create To Do List.

Tapers Contract

Discussion: Contract stipulations and sales at International CoDA Convention (ICC). Sending out a RFP.

Action Items:

  • Events Liaison to seek past sale reports, negotiate contract with Events. Request three competitive bids.
  • Remove Denny and add Events Committee as signer.
  • Lorraine to ask CoRe if interested.

Request from Co-NNections

Discussion: New guidelines and copyrights for video and audio podcast submissions. Videos shown. Permission granted, add caveat “all audio and/or video submissions will be vetted for tradition violations.”

Madeline motioned to accept Co-NNections new copyright and guidelines for audio and video submissions as amended. Jen seconded. Approved unanimously.

Action Item:

  • Madeline to notify Co-NNections

CoRe 2X2 Report

Love having Judy from Literature. Spanish starter kits progressing. Liliana will put together and distribute some in Colombia. Would like Board to discuss “non-conference” endorsed literature vetting requirements.

CSC MOTION – Discussed to bring Motion to CSC.

Action Item:

  • Finalize a CSC motion for VE literature.


Outreach seeking approval of pamphlet. – Discussions: “Codependents Anonymous for Professionals” Good service pamphlet. Committee pamphlets are automatically owned by CoDA.

Madeline made a motion to accept pamphlet called “Codependents Anonymous for Professionals” to be used as service item. Addie seconded. Approved unanimously.

Action Items:

  • Gerry to send pamphlet to webmaster for free downloads
  • Have Geff e-blast announce it with link.

Finance motion – Discussions Face to Face (F2F) rotation for committees. Board wants further discussion done at the Chairs Forum.

Action Items:

  • Addie to Thank Lou and let him know the issue of committees without chairs will be presented to the Chairs Forum for additional input.

SUNDAY AGENDA - June 25th at 9am

CoRe Contract Report. Lorraine

Lorraine made a motion to approve the CoRe Contract as presented. Gerry seconded. Approved unanimously.

Action Items:

  • Next step is DocHub for signature.
  • Keep Word Doc in File.
  • Put signed document in the repository.

Initiative 6 Brainstorming

Anita suggested Corporate and Fellowship teams. Explained roles and membership. This will be an internal arrangement of the Board, with no changes to the Fellowship. Deferred for afternoon.

Answering request from Chairs. Discussion: Liaisons can respond individually if not questions. Agreed to put in the Board Policies and Procedures manual (P&P) and Changing of the Guard document.

Action Items:

  • Conni to add to Policy and Procedure on Committee Chairs requests and insert in the Changing of the Guard documents.

Committee Liaison position assignments at CSC


Discussed relationship experiences

Action Items:

  • Jen to create document on relationship building, could be used as service item.
  • Conni to update “Changing of the Guard” documents

Initiative No 6. (from prior discussion)

Discussed: Different projects to engage the Fellowship at CSC.


  • SOS will help design projects, Board to review.
  • Ways to engage Fellowship participation.


Discussed: Board presentations and possible motions.


Process for Images – Chairs requested Board review. Vetting by legal and the Board safeguards the corporation. Add process at Chairs checklist for reference. Mary will respond to the Chairs Forum.

Conflict of Interest –Discussion: This is required of Board members, would like Committees to do same. Board Liaisons can help with questions. It involves the business side of the corporation.

WebEx – (Addie) WebEx asking for a fee, one member used it after it was discontinued. Discussed: Continue working to negotiate cancellation of fee.

Changing of the Guard Document – Conni to update and send for Board review.

Action Items:

  • Mary to inform Chairs of legal aspect when using materials and images.
  • Addie continue negotiations with WebEx.
  • Conni to revamp Changing of the Guard Document.
  • Mary to send Conflict of Interest document to Chairs with explanation.

Denny’s resignation.

Discussed: Transfer of signatures.

Lorraine made motion, Gerry seconded. Secretary to write letter to the banks stating Denny is no longer treasurer and Addie is new treasurer and email letter to Denny and Addie for each to take it to the bank.

Discussion: SoCal VEI motion. Deferred until after CSC.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM with the Closing Prayer.

Next meeting:

Board Call: Thursday July 13th 2017 at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern.

Board discussion group: Thursday July 27th, 2017, 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern



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