CoDA June 8th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA June 8th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: June 29th 2017

The contents of this email are from the CoDa Board Of Trustees,

CoDA World Board Conference Call summary

Thursday June 08, 2017

5pm to 6:30 pm PST

Skype for business invite


Meeting called to order by Chair, Mary at 5:00 PM

Attendees: Addie, Anita, Jen, Gerry, Madeline, Mary

Absent: Denny, (on Leave)

Lorraine joined meeting in progress

Visitors on the call: Conni from SOS (Association Management Solutions)


Round Robin established: Gerry, Madeline, Mary, Jen, Addie, Anita.

Recording started


  1. Today’s consent agenda: (Items brought over from approved email discussions)


  • Minutes from May 2017
  • SOS contract renewal
  • Not to renew contract with AZWS (Arizona Website Solution)
  • June Chair Report*
  • Treasure Report *


*Treasure and Chairs reports at later date.


  • Mary asked members if they wanted items moved from the consent agenda to the regular agenda. No objections heard.


Madeline presented a motion to accept consent agenda. Gerry seconded: Approved unanimously. Motion passed.


  1. Items added to regular agenda:


  • Events contracts: Taper / 2018 CoDA Service Conference and Convention
  • Arizona Website Solution update


  1. Items for Discussions:


  • Email Motion: Addie to become full board member for thirty days, through June 25th, 2017, while Denny is on leave.


Round Robin results: Unanimously approved. Motion Passed.


  • Email Motion: Addie to become interim Treasurer and Admin Worker Liaison for thirty days through June 25th, 2017 while Denny is on leave of absence.


Round robin results: All in favor. Motion passed.


Discussed: Addie’s other roles while full Board member. Currently not in a committee. Agrees to the extra work. If leave extends, Board will revisit at the end of June.


  • Translation Management Committee. (TMC) Email Motion.


The Board actively and directly participate in all duties of TMC (Translation Management Committee) appointing two board members for this, which will include all correspondence, contract negotiations, and other duties deemed necessary. Effective Immediately.


Intent: To work with current committee. Assist with any backlogs, and look at how CoDA Inc., can effectively and in a timely manner work with countries that are trying to “carry the message” in various languages and locations.


This might include:


Changes in structure and job description

Assistance of SOS

Designing letter formats for easy answering

Develop processes that might require legal assistance


Discussed: Nature of TMC involves legal documentation and binding contracts requiring Board signatures. Discussed: backlog of unprocessed translations. Countries emailed the Board. They are eager to speed up the process and transmit message in their languages. Board participation will benefit TMC. Details to be worked at 2x2 meetings with TMC and the Board. Conni from SOS willing to assist if needed.


Round Robin Results: Unanimously approved. Motion passed.



  1. (Reports)


Website Update – Gerry, Jen, Lorraine


Website merger. Working on proposal for internal (within the Fellowship) and external offers. Bids to be considered based on qualifications. Web liaison not foreseeing problems performing any updates while seeking a qualified Webmaster. Project evaluation to continue at face-2-face meeting in June. Not looking to create a new website but to move from Mura to WordPress with a more user friendly interface and then hiring best qualified Webmaster.


Legal work group Update – Gerry/Mary


  • Group in Washington using CoDA’s symbol did not process permissions. Assigned to legal workgroup.


  • Letter to Emotional Dependency Anonymous (DAA) - From previous email motion/discussions-


Motion made by Madeline to send DAA letter as is. Gerry seconded. Unanimously approved. passed.


Action item: Madeline to send a certified letter to DAA.


  • Taper contract for ICC. Discussed: Wording of the contract. Item tabled for email and/or face-to-face discussion.


Lorraine added to Round Robin.


  • 2018 Event Contract.


Discussions and Round Robin. All agreed to sign 2018 CSC/ICC contract.


Action Item: Mary will sign contract and send Conni for storage.


  • Event Committee suggest their own Copyright release for CSC tapes. Discussed: document examined by Legal. Standard format.


Round Robin results: Approved unanimously.


Action Item: Mary to notify Events.


CoRe 2X2 update – Lorraine.


Converting document from pdf to Word, then send for Board review. Twelve Step Workgroup available in Kindle. CoRE busy working with translated Spanish material.


Action item: Lorraine to send contract to board for review.


Translation Management Committee 2X2 Update – Gerry/Madeline.


Received translations from Brazil and French translations from Canada. Would like to see contracts signed electronically. It will improve processes..


Spanish Outreach 2X2 update – Madeline/Jen


Discussed: CoRE delivery of downloadable materials to Costa Rica. Spanish translation of the CoDA Fellowship Service Manual includes the Meeting Handbook. Marcy volunteered to translate CoDA’s Fellowship Service Manual. Meeting Handbook needs urgent updating. Suggested: Spanish Outreach to update Meeting Handbook.


Action item: Mary will notify Marcy to translate the first part of the Fellowship Service Manual. Jen to notify Spanish Outreach to start translating the second part. (Meeting Handbook)


Initiative #6 Anita

Coming up with ideas to better serve the Fellowship. Recruiting to incorporate Board members not holding corporate positions to craft project which will focus mainly on the Fellowship. The Corporate side of service is huge, takes on a lot of time. Some members take care of that part, others could focus mainly in servicing the Fellowship needs.


This initiative was deferred for further discussion at the upcoming F2F. Anita will present ideas. Mary scheduled three hours exclusively for this.


Literature report. Story-gathered project very exciting.


  • C-phone self-scheduling.


Discussed: The current phone system operates smoothly under the supervision of the Board/Fellowship Worker. C-Phone is asking a change to self-scheduling. There might be a good reason, but has been explained. Board need to know more before deciding. Service will stay the same until a final decision is reached.


Motion presented by Lorraine, seconded by Jen:


To respond to email request with the following statement: The Board discussed your request. In reviewing the duties of the Fellowship Service work and the Communication Committee, we do not understand the need to change the current procedure. Could you please elaborate why having Joan update the schedule is not working for C-phone? Unanimously approved. Motion passed.


Action Item: Anita to send email.


Addie made motion to extend the meeting ten more minutes. Jen seconded. All in favor. Motion Passed.


  • Email heading. · Use word such as: Discussion, Motion, GC, in subject line, per board P&P. (Lorraine)


Would help to be more specific in the headings. This is for better searching the many emails Board gets each week.


Round Robin results: All agreed


  • Events informing Board of possible motion. Use of corporate card for meals during Board’s F2f and CSC. Board informed.


Old Business: ·


  • Discussed: Board needs to establish process for leave of absence and will seek CSC approval


Meeting adjourned with the Closing Prayer at 6:40 PM


Next meeting – _F2F June 23 ,24, 25


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