Friday Fellowship Item #10: Last Weekly Friday Fellowship Item

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Subject: Friday Fellowship Item #10: Last Weekly Friday Fellowship Item
Date: June 15th 2017

Friday Fellowship #10: Last Weekly Friday Fellowship Item

Written by a CoDA member, CoDA content approved by Communications Committee

This series of CoDA Announcements was begun by the Communications Committee to answer several needs of our Fellowship. The first was simply on-going content for CoDA Announcements providing communication up and down the inverted pyramid. Another was a hope to stimulate a stronger habit of readership by delivering information in a consistently informal manner. That tied into encouraging individual reporting of experiences and events related to service in Coda, maybe even encouraging more folks to join us in our Twelfth Step work.

A distinctive name was chosen, Friday Fellowship Items, as was a commitment to publish them every week. The intention was to create an expectation both of time and of content that would eventually firm into a habitual checking of CoDA Announcements, which might expand to attending to other Announcements, as well. And the discipline of the weekly deadline was hoped to stimulate creativity and effort on our part.

Getting something going often depends on the efforts of a very small group of people, sometimes even only one. But once a project is happening, other people can become aware of its usefulness and are attracted to participating themselves. Only this possibility can justify such an initiative in CoDA since our Higher Power speaks to us not through any individual but through the group. With that awareness, Friday Fellowship items began being published weekly, as planned.

This author believes two indicators would show something like this is right for CoDA, feedback from the Fellowship and involvement of more people in producing the Items. In regard to feedback, only Item #2 stimulated notable feedback, maybe three or four emails, and mostly from the World Service community.

As for the other indicator, one person has written all but one of the Items. Although there was some initial interest expressed in doing writing, this has not continued, so the usefulness of the whole project depended on the clarity of understanding of our program by that one individual and the clarity with which that understanding was expressed. And even if there were those qualities, continuing to publish these Items written by any one individual is contrary to CoDA ideals, if not CoDA principles. Were we to have participation by other authors writing about topics such as presented in FFI #1, The Plan, the project could continue, maybe even weekly.

So this will be the last weekly Friday Fellowship Item, for now at least. The continuation of the project, in whatever form, will be at the will of our Higher Power expressed through individual inspiration and group conscience, as it should be.


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