Friday Fellowship Item #4: CoDA Materials for Download

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Subject: Friday Fellowship Item #4: CoDA Materials for Download
Date: May 4th 2017

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“Why is it so hard to get CoDA materials? Sending materials through the mail is so twentieth century!” Sigh.

The CoDA Fellowship is caught in the support model inherited from our parent fellowships that finance central operations primarily through the sale of conference endorsed printed literature. In CoDA, currently, 30 % (soon 40%) of the price of every item we sell is going to support CoDA operations. The obvious conflict with our mission to “carry the message,” though, has been an intense concern at and between CoDA Service Conferences.

There are some results of that concern. CoDA materials produced in most other countries and languages are done with little or no charge for that use. They are only required to cooperate with trademark and copyright policies. World Service even helps enforce those policies when called upon.

There is also progress on the U.S. front. First of all, CoDA Resource Publishing, (CoRe)*, our publishing arm, now publishes on Kindle and Ibooks, starting with the CoDA (blue) Book in English and Spanish and the daily meditation book. They envisage that the 12&12 Workbook will be made available electronically later on this year.

And most recently, the single sheet Z-fold materials frequently purchased by meetings for distribution are also available for free individual download in English and Spanish. The wonderful leaflet on boundaries, for example, can be called up on a smartphone in the middle of a conversation!

The others can as well. The full list is here or if you go to, click on Meeting Materials at the top and then on Fellowship Service Materials. Included also is the sometimes critically useful Dealing with Disagreements (DwD), along with Working the Steps in a Group. Imagine a discussion about conflict in a meeting and someone downloads the DwD introducing a considered voice from elsewhere in the Fellowship.

But some fear for the potential loss of revenue and legitimately so. This author is inspired, though, by these demonstrations of willingness to take that risk for the sake of codependents who still suffer.

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