CoDA Friday Fellowship Item #3: Communications Committee

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Subject: CoDA Friday Fellowship Item #3: Communications Committee
Date: April 27th 2017

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FRIDAY FELLOWSHIP ITEM #3: Communications Committee

According to our mission statement , the job of the Communications Committee is communications. Duh! But communications can mean many different things. Here are the ones our committee is currently doing using permanent working groups.

The CoDA Email Team responds to email sent to Mostly it’s help finding meetings or contacting another committee of World Service. But also people sometimes pour out their grief and anxiety as soon as they start writing. You may have experienced that yourself when you were thrashing about looking for direction. Those are challenging but gratifying emails to answer. The tradition of this group is to respond to every email within two days; it often happens within hours.

Another group, CoDA Phone or Cphone does the same with phone calls, especially for people wondering about their codependency or about what meetings are like. One Cphone member says loudly to all who will hear, “This is the greatest job in CoDA service!”

Most recently added is our Friday Fellowship Item Review Group. They review CoDA content in articles written by any CoDA member so that it is in accord with Fellowship approved documents. With that assurance, even individual members can be provided this platform by World Service to report on Twelfth Step experiences of many kinds. The Plan we announced in Item #1 listed some possible topics that can now be presented here for worldwide viewing. The possibilities are exciting.

The core of the committee provides organizational support for these working groups and connection to other parts of World Service. For the future there will be a continuation of dull but vitally necessary work supporting the meeting database and, hopefully, exploration of carrying the message through social media. Come join us if this interests you.

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