CoDA April 13th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA April 13th, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: April 23rd 2017

The Contents Of This Email are from the CoDA Board Of Trustees,


Co-dependents Anonymous

CoDA World Board Conference Call

Thursday April 13th, 2017

4:45 -6:15 PM Pacific

Skype-for-business invite


Meeting called to order by Mary I at 5:01 PM Pacific

Round robin established: Gerry, Mary, Lorraine, Madeline, Denny, Addie, Jen, Anita

Gen made motion to ratified Consent agenda, Gerry seconded. Unanimously approved.

Recording Started

Items for discussion.

Web Liaison – Gerry provided updates on progress and status of Website. Inquiring web-hosting companies. Website breakage slows processes.

Legal Report – Emotional Dependence Anonymous. Gerry provided report

  • Action item: Gerry to send letter for Board review

Discussed: Vendor contracts. All contracts need board review. Gerry made a motion, Madeline seconded.

All Co-dependents Anonymous Inc vendor contracts under $500 might be oral, and any vendor contract above $500 needs a written contract. oral or written contracts needs to be approved and/or signed by the Board. approved. Motion passed.

  • Action item. Mary to notify Chairs
  • Gerry will send conflict of interest statement and cover letter for board review.

Workgroups reports:

CoRe 2X2: Lorraine provided an update on the 2x2 CoRE contract negotiations.

TMC: (Translation Management Committee) Next 2X2 is set for April 22nd.

Web Workgroup update. On hold while transition in progress.

  • Action item. Madeline to notify Spanish Outreach the 2x2x2 Website group is on hold

Old Business:

Board motion # 6 Co-Dependents Anonymous official corporate language is English did not obtain 2/3 of votes. Discussion: Drop or place in FSM. Consensus is: Motion dropped.

  • Action item: Mary to let Service Structure Committee know board decision.

Spanish Outreach and Communication Committee requesting Audio (podcast) Discussed committee responses. Jen made a motion to have Spanish Outreach and Communication have audio capabilities. Madeline seconded. All approved. Motion passed.

  • Action item. Liaisons to let respective committees know results. Mary to send Communication responses to board. Could be delayed due to website project.

Event insurance update.

  • Action Item. Conni to get different quotes for board review

Initiative #6 - Develop Service at All Levels of the Fellowship. Discussion: Anita presented various ideas. Jen volunteered to work with Anita.

  • Action item. Anita and Jen to work on details.

Email blast for new meetings. Discussed: Fellowship service worker could provide monthly summary of new meetings for e-blast to Fellowship

Spanish Outreach responses to schedule an information meeting.

  • Action Item. Board to review previous questions and send response

New Business:

Items tabled for email discussion.

Flyers on CoRE shipments. Flyers are usually sent to CoRE. CSC/ICC flyers already sent to CoRe by Events. Suggestions offered for items that we may want to have shipped via CoRe orders..

  • Spanish literature and getting the word out.
  • Procedure for committees using outside sources when creating CoDA literature.
  • Committee Liaisons responsibilities.
  • Add person to legal group.

Next meeting – workgroup 4/27; May board meeting 5/11 both at 4:45 PM Pacific


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