CoDA Quarterly World Service Activity Report

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Subject: CoDA Quarterly World Service Activity Report
Date: January 30th 2017

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Communications Committee,


Quarterly World Service Activity Report


The Twelfth Service Concept of Codependents Anonymous says, in part, “Every member has the right to know what is happening in our organization.” To fulfill that charge the committees and other World Service bodies provide reports every three months of what they have been doing for the sake of the Fellowship and to support the carrying of our message. The latest Quarterly Service Report (QSR) is now available for viewing or download at:


The QSR reports on activities of the committees and other World Service groups, World Service communications such as this CoDA Announcement you are reading and Corporate finances and administration. The items this reporter noticed are:


Reports on the CoDA Conference and Convention by the Events Committee, the many reflections and anecdotes being sent for publication by CoNNections and their plan to publish a collection of past submissions,


Hospitals & Institutions Committee’s continued outreach to the prison population, including increasing materials sent in Spanish,


The Outreach Resource Guide (ORG) is now available at after several years of development by the Outreach Committee. It has ideas, documents and templates that local meetings can use to carry the message.


Spanish Outreach continues to grow its services to that language community both in the United States and elsewhere.


Of course there is much more in the 27 pages of this QSR, which can be read at the link above.


The contents of this email are from the CoDA Communications Committee,


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If you have a general question about CoDA (as opposed to the specific content of this email), please email .


If you wish to leave a message to receive a call back from a CoDA volunteer, please call (888) 444-2359 {Toll free} or (602) 277-7991.


For Spanish inquiries you may email or call (888) 444-2379 {Spanish toll free}.

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