CoDA January 8, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA January 8, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: January 24th 2017

Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call

Date: Sunday January 8, 2017

Time:  2 pm-3:30 pm PST


Skype for business invite


  1. Establish order for round robin discussion








  • Turn on Recording (15 min)
  • Confirm, date, time and round robin order (for recording)
  • Welcome visitors if on call.  Yvonne and Conni
  • Ratify minutes (approved by email with changes)
  • Minutes dated _NONE at this time___________


  1. Ratify motions (approved by email)
  • AZWS contract extension for 6 months, $3600.  Round Robin vote:  7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions. (Unanimously approved)


  1. Items for discussion: (30 minutes)
  • Events Contract ready for signature. (needs to be signed within five days.)  Action Item: Board to send comments/suggestions to Mary prior to Jan13th.
  • Reserve board room near hotel lobby or on 22nd floor. Round robin vote:  7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions.    Yvonne will keep reservation of board room at the lobby area.
  • To hold a Welcoming reception. Round robin votes:  7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions.  Reception at the hospitality suite.  Action Item: For email discussion details to what items to include: Example: light beverage, snacks, extra chairs for attendees, coffee.
  • Chairs recruitment luncheon and daily coffee.  Action Item: Deferred for email discussion.
  • To have only one agenda listing business and the other activities.  Round robin:  7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions.  Action item:  Create one agenda for all activities and bold /italicize CSC items.
  • Time for welcoming reception.  7 PM.  Round Robin votes taken:   7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstention.  Welcoming reception will be Monday 7 PM at the Hospitality suite.
  • Chair’s Tuesday luncheon, daily coffee during the week.   Action item:  Both items deferred for email discussion.
  • MA VE issue – can we use what Addie wrote to the board about this, or do we need more or something different?  Action Item: For email discussion: Addie will forward her original email and include VE issue
  • SoCal VE issue – need agreement on whether we do this group exemption or not.  We have letter from CPA with her recommendations. Round robin votes taken: 7 in favor to follow CPA’s recommendation, 0 against, 0 abstention.  Lorraine suggested listing key points of CPA’s letter in general announcements. Action Item:  Mary to craft letter, and send to board for comments/suggestions prior to posting in Announcements.
  • Events raffle items at ICC. Action item:  Deferred for email discussion.
  • Board meals on the corporate card at either f2f or CSC?  Action item: Deferred for email discussion.


  1. Treasurer’s Report –
  • ID countries paying royalty and facilitate electronic payments. Action Item: Denny and Zach to work on tab for “Giving Wise Solutions” could include button for paying and ways of paying, To post page, then craft as needed.
  • National Bank of Arizona.
  • Business Money Market: $160,369.66
  • Chase Business Account:  Plat Bus Checking: $98,494.87 Bus Select My Sav: $60,069.04
  • Total balance: $158,563.91


  5. Web Liaison Update –

  • Action Items: Create a list of Webmaster duties.  Gerry started the list.


  1. Legal Update –
  • Action Items:  conflict of interest for committees
  • Procedure for committees with contractual needs (For email discussion)


  1. New Business:  


  • Liaisons to update World Connections and Literature information to reflect changes.
  • Denny: ERRs were paid on or before Dec 29th, 2016 will meet with Marie
  • Denny made a Motion to give a trial run to the current Giving Wise Solutions page then post it on the website. Gerry seconded.   Vote taken:  7 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions.  Motion passed. 


Liaison Reports.  Send to Madeline a week before board meeting. She’ll put them all together and send it to board.  Purpose is to have these read prior to each meeting and free us time for other items.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM Pacific, by Chair Mary I.


Next meetings – 

workgroup 1/26 6PM West Coast

Board meeting 2/12/17 at 2PM West coast


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