CoDA December 2016 Board Meeting Summaries

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Subject: CoDA December 2016 Board Meeting Summaries
Date: January 16th 2017

Summary of CoDA World Conference Call

 Sunday December 11, 2016

Time: 2:00 - 3:30 PM Eastern.

Place: Skype for business invite.


Meeting called to order by Chair Mary

  1. Established order for Round Robin: Gerry, Mary, Addie, Jen, Lorraine, Madeline, Anita, Denny
  2. Turn on Recording (15 minutes)
  3. Welcome any visitors:  None visitors during this call.
  4. Ratify minutes (Approved by email with changes) Denny made a motion to accept minutes from October 15-21 (CSC), and November 13.  Madeline seconded   All members voted:  Motion unanimously approved.

Items for discussion.

  1. VE issues.  SoCal #1.   Group exemption for all VE’s.  Lorraine motioned to obtain a written response from CPA before any decision is made. Anita seconded.   All members voted: Five in favor, None against, Two abstentions. Motion Passed. 
  2. Setting a meeting day and time for board workgroup.   Meetings set for each 4th Thursday of the month at 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern.  New time and date was unanimously agreed. Next meeting Thursday Dec 22, 2016 at 6 PM Pacific.

Treasurer Report: Denny.

  1. ERR’s update:  All but two are now paid.
  2. Status of 2x2x2 workgroup.  Denny and Addie to meet with Finance, and Events Monday Dec, 12, 2016.  Addie will be sending agenda for board review. 
  3. 7th donation Giving Wise page needs more work. Action item: Denny to draft and send for board review.

Bill from Carefree Hotel. Overcharges found, hotel took off $1200.Final bill was paid.

  1. Booking rooms under Board Card. (Events) Action Item:  Email discussion and 2x2x2.
  2. Continue to maintain $ 100,000 in the Chase Checking account as in previous years.  All members agreed.
  3. Current balances:
  • Chase checking account $84,951.29
  • Chase Savings: $60,066.59
  • National Bank of Arizona: $180, 359.97

Website Report. Gerry:

  1. ASWS contract expires soon.  Action item: (for email discussion)

Legal. Gerry: 

  1. Massachusetts VE issue.  (for email discussion)

Secretary. Madeline:  

  1. Co-NNections inquired about a possible creation of a booklet, journal, or newsletter. One like AA’s “Grapevine”. They’ll would use own submissions.   Copyrights already obtained during submission process.  Is this something they could work on?  Unanimously approved. Action Item: To let the Chair of Co-NNections know the results.
  2. Committee ‘s Report previously sent to the board

Vice Chair. Lorraine: 

  1. Staring 2x2 workgroup with CoRE.   Considering a re-evaluation of Committee of the Month project.  Committee workload is quite considerable. Action items: Lorraine and Mary will look for ways to archive this project.

Chair. Mary: 

  1. No change from previous report.

Trustee at large. Jen:  

  1. Committees doing well. Approval for H&I book purchase obtained.

Alternate trustee. Addie. 

  1. Committee’s Report previously sent to the board. Communications considering the possibility of starting a feature on the different committees. 

Alternate trustee.Anita:

  1.  CLC working on two new pieces of literature, and proofing the pocket-size Blue Book before reprint.  Committee does not have a Chair yet, but works continues.

Old business.

  1. WOW workgroup .  Action item:  Gerry and Jen overseeing. Perhaps bringing in new people.
  2. Strategic Plan item 6.  Develop Service at all levels of the Fellowship, (sponsoring/mentoring/service) Action Item:  Lorraine and Gerry to assist with this project. This could be something to work on at our workgroup meetings.
  3. Godaddy / Mexico. Action Item:  Denny overseeing this.

 New Business:

  1. Are there any questions about the Liaison reports?  No questions were presented.

Next meeting Jan 8th 2017 at 2:00 PM Pacific, 4 PM Central, 5 PM Eastern.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM by Chair, Mary I

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