CoDA 2016 Service Conference Information Update

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Subject: CoDA 2016 Service Conference Information Update
Date: September 14th 2016

The contents of this email are a collaboration between a number of CoDA
Trusted Servants & Service Workers

Please direct on topic replies to or

The motions & "Additional Documents of Interest" of the 2016 CoDA
Service conference (CSC) packet is up here:

In keeping with CoDA's 2nd tradition, "Our leaders are but trusted
servants; they do not govern", we ask that you consider becoming
aware of this year's issues, form a group conscience & let your
delegate(s) know what your gc is so they can vote based on the gc
of the members they are representing, rather than their own opinions
where possible.

Letting your delegate know how you & your meeting feels about the issues
moves us in the direction of giving every CoDA member a voice.

It is likely we will send you several more emails on both updates to
Conference files & more as they are prepared.

All on time 2016 motions are now out. Reports & budgets have a deadline
of 9/18/16; so they will be out within a week or so.

To download everything (currently Motions & "Additional Documents of
Interest"), in 1 single large zip file that will open into a tree with
all the files each in the appropriate folders for easy access, please go

If you need help with zip files, please email

If you prefer to download each file separately, they can be found here:

                          In Service,
                          Geff R
                          CoDA Email List Coordinator

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Per the 11th & 12th Traditions this list is private & anonymous.

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