CoDA May 15, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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Subject: CoDA May 15, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: July 11th 2016

Board Minutes/Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call

May 15, 2016


The Board of Trustees met on Sunday, May 15th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Gerald B, Mary I., Chris H., Denny H., and Lorraine O. as voting members.

Visitors in attendance: Conni I (SOS), Liliana R (CoDA Colombia), Linda A (Spanish outreach).

After opening procedures, including Board introducing themselves, the following motions were brought up for vote:

Motions to approve the April 17th Summary and Minutes

Mary made to accept the minutes and the summary from the April 17th meeting. Lorraine seconded. Approved unanimously.

• Motion to send Texas State issue to Web group

Mary made a motion to approve sending the Texas State issue to the Web Group. Denny seconded. Approved unanimously.


Legal Workgroup

Motion to add a person to the Legal Workgroup. Chris mentioned that she doesn’t think the Board has to approve people from the work group. Gerry responded that when we created the legal committee, it was originally asked that anyone added to the group be approved by board. Discussed that no one thinks it’s necessary to get the board’s approval to add people to the work group.

Gerry made a motion to amend original motion for forming a legal workgroup that includes 2 board members and 2 fellowship workers chosen by the legal group, does not need Board approval for names selected for the group. Lorraine seconded. Approved unanimously.

CSC Agenda, Elections and Board Meeting after CSC Action.

Board Elections – discussed wanting the elections on Wednesday. Discussion centered on moving it to Wednesday, but agreed we would need to have a “Meet the Board” session on Tuesday. Agreed to have this discussion at the F2F in more detail. Also need to discuss when the new board will meet at CSC. Agreed to put on F2F agenda.

Action Item: ✓ Move discussions at the Face 2 Face meeting in June.


Chris asked if we could amend the motion that all requests for website changes go to the Web Liaison. She stated that she feels it makes sense for the Committee Chairs to be able to send changes and additions directly to the webmaster for posting. These would be items that have been made by Group Conscience by their group and that follow CoDA steps, traditions, groups, policies and our by-laws and service manual. If the webmaster has questions, he can reach out to the Web Liaison. Chris made a motion to amend the previous motion that all requests go to the web liaison, the new motion is that CODA Committee Chairs and Board of Trustees may send changes/additions to the webmaster directly for posting on CoDA website. All other Coda Member requests will go to the Web Liaison first. Denny Seconded. Approved unanimously.


ERR Receipts - Denny presented request for motion on revised ERR process. They want to change the minimum on when a receipt is needed. Finance has agreed that they don’t need to require a receipt for anything under $75 and they want to word it that way in their motion. Chris would like to say that they need receipts, but if they don’t get them, they can approve. What kind of information that is needed on the ERR, don’t have to worry about meals, covered by per diem – taxis, supplies, air, etc. Denny gave some background that we have made ERR process so much easier, so submitting receipts is not hard. Strong argument that trusted servants at this level we should trust them. Not requiring $75 if available. Although IRS regulations do not require that paper receipts be submitted for reimbursement, that they be made available as needed if requested in review of the ERR. Denny to go back to ask them to reword it that receipts might be submitted. Lorraine asked if we could get more information from SOS’ CPA. Or should it be tabled? Tabled to be answered before next finance meeting is which I on the first Wednesday in June.

Agreed to table for email vote – please watch for discussion and vote to get it done by June 8th. What is the liability to the board by doing this? Conni and Lorraine will look into this to make sure no liability for the nonprofit. Lorraine will spearhead discussion and work with Conni on this.

Change of prudent reserve- Denny reported that finance wants to change the Prudent Reserve amount to reflect 2 years of operating expense. Here is their motion:

Motion: that the definition of the Prudent Reserve contained in the description of the Finance Committee in Section 7 of the Fellowship Service Manual be updated so it reads: “Prudent reserve equals 100% of the average manual operational expenses for the past 2 years”.

Asking to go from ACTUAL average annual operational expenses for the past 2 years. After round robin, agreed to table discussion. Moving to Face 2 Face meeting agenda for discussion.

Action Item:

✓ Conni to ask CPA about receipts and report. Add to F2F agenda.

✓ Add Prudent Reserve discussion to F2F agenda.

Web developer retainer

Need to renew the retainer so that we can move forward with our To Do list and get things updated, including the donation page piece. AZWS has submitted a contract for 6 month retainer for $3,600, or a 12 month retainer for $7,200. Agreed to wait until the presentation of the Meeting Locator tomorrow and get feedback, then do an email vote. Lorraine will spearhead the vote.

Discussed sending the Meeting Locator to the Web Work Group (WOW) to test after we see it. Gerry will work with Lorraine to get a list of previous people worked with and once the board has a chance to look at it, Lorraine will send to the WOW group. Denny asked to join. Gerry to send the list to everyone.

Action Item:

✓ Board and WOW group to test Meeting Locator

✓ Lorraine to call for an email vote on the website retainer


Treasurer’s Report – Denny Chase Business Account - $68,109.01 Savings Accounting: $60,049.03 National Bank - $180,285.63 Eventbrite - $1,513.09

Denny sent a report to the board before the meeting.

Legal Group- Gerry

Gerry reported that he only got one response to volunteers for the Legal Work Group, and that was Evie Stern.

Colombia is asking for the signed agreement. Not sure who is supposed to send on. Part of the contract included that Colombia was supposed to send some translated materials that were already done to TMC. They have not done that part. Gerry and Mary to get the contract, meet with TMC and get it distributed.

Action Item:

✓ Gerry and Mary to get the Colombian contract, meet with TMC and get it distributed.

CoRE Report – Gerry sent a written report to the board and is asking for some response, as there is a lot to discuss. The concept of free downloads on the website and the ramifications of that. Coming to terms with the Fair Use Policy, which has been approved. Gerry has reservations about taking selected offerings off the store. Need some feedback from the board. Chris asked everyone or each Gerry’s report and give him feedback.

Action Item:

✓ Board to give feedback to Gerry on written CoRE report.


No report

Website/Vice Chair – Lorraine Lorraine reminded everyone that 1pm Pacific Time tomorrow is a demonstration on the meeting locator. Conni will put the information out on how to join the call to everyone ASAP on Monday morning.

Chair- Chris

No conference call in June – we are meeting Face to Face – June 23rd in Phoenix. Conni to send out reservation information.

Action Item:

✓ Conni to finalize F2F meeting details.

Next Board Meeting June 23-26 in Phoenix Face to Face.

Opened up to guests who hadn’t spoken for comments?

1. Liliana from Colombia – looking forward to getting the contract so they can get the publications to the Colombian people.

2. Linda A – appreciated being on the call.

Following closing prayer, the meeting adjourned at 3:18 pm PT.

The Board would like to thank all guests who were in attendance.


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