CoDA June 24-26, 2016 Board Face To Face Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA June 24-26, 2016 Board Face To Face Meeting Summary
Date: July 10th 2016

Board Face-to-Face Meeting Summary

June 24-26, 2016




In attendance: Chris H, Lorraine O, Mary I, Denny H, Gerry, Conni (SOS)

Opening – Serenity prayer, read #6 from the following: 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Service Concepts; CoDA Opening Prayer, Extended


Updated To Do List

Note – provide SOS clarity on areas of responsibility RE: TMC spreadsheet.

Policies and procedures (P&P) updates – reviewed and corrected P&P manual.

Strategic Plan Overview – reviewed timeline, adjusted

Motion - Lorraine to have the next Chairs forum liaison contact Chairs forum and request they read the purpose of the committee from the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) at the start of each Chairs forum. Motion seconded by Gerry. Unanimous.

Website Update, Discussion. Training Video on website and meeting search function being developed.

Board must approve all changes to website, then goes to web liaison. Action item Conni Add to website – For information on this website, contact webmaster

Motion - Chris to authorize web designer to tweak our contact form on the CoDA website to have drop down list to include webmaster, coda information and meetings to CET, committee info to chairs, board to board. Seconded by Lorraine. Discussion followed. Unanimous. Action item Conni follow up with Les.

Communications chair includes CET, phones, email. CET emails go to Communications, to be distributed to proper committee.

Meeting Locator – went live 6/20/16

Updated Zip Code database – Motion - Gerry, seconded Chris - to spend 79.95 per year for quarterly download on the This is to be charged on our credit card, and web designer instructed to install. Unanimous.

Shopping Cart for Donations –investigating a new product for this as opposed to PayPal. action item - Mary, Gerry and Denny to investigate PayPal vs givingwisesolutions, report back to the board with their findings.

Fair Use Policy – this is under legal work right now. Legal will inform SOS when done.

Ongoing retainers. Discussion. This includes Web, CPA, SOS, lawyers. Tabled.

Create a way to have quarterly board internet meetings and provide ways for the committees to meet. Motion – Mary, seconded Gerry; conditionally accept Microsoft as our program of record for email, HD video, Skype. The cost to be $2.40 per user, with a maximum of 20 users. This is pending the clarification of the email porting. Unanimous.

Spanish outreach. SOS will copy and paste direct to the website from an SPO Email (email to go to both SPO liaison and web liaison). They will have to include instructions on wherever they want it in English, followed by what they want to put there in both English and Spanish. action item Denny

Treasurer’s Report – Financials. Bank balance Arizona 180,296.69; bank balance chase 134,094.21. Distributed balance sheet and P&L





In attendance Chris H, Lorraine O, Mary I, Denny H, Gerry

Finance Finance motion discussion to change policy for receipts only over $31. Could they add for record keeping for receipts for items less than $31 are appreciated. The board is supporting this motion. Action item Denny

Discussion of Finance Motion to reduce the prudent reserve. Board is not in support. Suggestion to Finance committee that the Board and Finance discuss a 5 year financial plan. action item - Denny

Request Finance get with events to get the word out about anyone with reimbursable expenses for CSC should bring their receipts. Great job by finance to updating ERR on-line. action item - Denny

CoRe Report discussion. motion Lorraine, seconded Denny - to approve CoRe letter as written, unanimous.

Committee Discussions

TMC Work Group – reported 2x2 started. Mary will now be the second on 2x2, replacing Lorraine. Agenda is to complete the process for P&D.

Legal Work Group

Literature Committee

Section 3 in P&P, as well as FSM; we need a policy on non-functioning committees. Ask chairs forum to assist board in writing policy for non-functioning committees. Action item Denny

Committee Minutes on website. Trusted servants area, each committee has a tab – submit to webmaster for posting. action item - Board.

Chairs Forum – Denny will attend next meeting, July 9; Aug 12 – Mary; Sept 10 Gerry

SOS contract – discussion of contract and needs. Motion - Mary , seconded Denny – Prior to approval of current contract, SOS would agree with the stipulation/intention of reviewing current web maintenance requirements with the intent to remove the need for an on-going web designer, including a review of budget plan of AMC hours. Unanimous. Motion by Mary. Gerry seconded motion to extend meeting. Unanimous.

CSC Discussion Number of board votes at CSC (bylaw change). No.

Discussion to reverse motion 4598 Roman numerals on coins –, returning to roman numerals, and this will be brought up in the 2x2. (CoRe and Board) motion would be needed by 24th August.

Discussion on motion to hold CSC at same time every year. Propose range June July August. By laws article 5 first section page 8 – check motion data base for events motion #. action item

Mary - write motion for creating this before 75 days out.





In attendance, Chris H, Lorraine O, Denny H, Mary I; absent Gerry

Remaining Board Meetings – length of call discussion. Motion – Mary, seconded Lorraine; extend conference call meetings to 1 ½ hours. Unanimous

Discussion on work study session 1 hour. 4th Monday or Thursday? Meet at 5:30 Pacific time. Agenda - to do list, new items discussion and pressing matters. Prioritize by due date. No motion at this time, referred to email motion.

CSC Discussion Board Alternates potential candidates. Elections – day preference. Candidates forum move to during second day of CSC (11AM) Bring candidates to front for Q&A, followed by 4PM election. Board consensus.

Email to Fellowship – Mary – follow up from motion previous month, to send request for service email blast. Unanimous.

Board meetings during CSC 2016 discussion. New plan - Wednesday night social current and new board; Thursday dinner meeting to include legal paperwork and officer election; 7 AM Friday breakfast meeting committee assignments plus select date and time of future meetings.

Changing of the guard – reminder, please read info for changing of guard in P&P 2.8. Send suggestions for changes, additions, corrections to board. action item Board

Motion: Lorraine, seconded Mary – to accept the following motion for CSC : To correct the wording of the following section: CURRENT APPROVED BYLAWS wording with changes shown

Under Corporation page 1:

1. Conduct the daily business affairs and operations of the Corporation:

a. Manage, (change from hire, and fire employees) (change to terminate contractors) and observe and support the work of the committees as directed by the CoDA Service Conference

b. Receive and deposit Seventh (7th) Tradition and other income

c. Update Contacts and Meeting Directories of CoDA groups

d. Support the Fellowship by sending out a Quarterly Bulletin in which committees can report their activities

e. Receive initial telephone contacts and answer income mail (Change to Other duties, as needed.)

Intent: To reflect wording appropriate to CoDA not having employees


Lorraine Motion page 11 by laws TABLED - Committee Structure per Strategic Plan – ongoing discussion of its place in the strategic plan.

Outstanding VE’s - Action item Lorraine to create a list of open VE’s for the board review. action item Chris– verify in committee description for IMC that it states what to do with list. We need a better procedure for reporting and tracking to include resolution.

Meeting closed at Noon with Serenity Prayer.


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