CoDA March 2016 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA March 2016 Board Meeting Summary
Date: March 24th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Board of Trustees,


Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call

Sunday 3/12/16 2 pm-3:15 pm PST


Establish order for round robin discussion – Gerry, Mary, Lorraine, Denny, Chris

2. Turn on Recording (15 min)

Welcome visitors – Crystal, Anita, Linda.

Ratify motions (approved by email with changes)

1. Minutes dated Feb 21,2016 unanimous

2. Email motion: Create a working group that would consist of 2 board members (legal liaisons) and 2 fellowship members (chosen by liaisons and GC'd by Board to carry out necessary duties and responsibilities within CoDA Inc regarding all legal matters. Regular reports will be given through the liaison to board.

Approved unanimously all Five board members confirmed

 3. Email Motion: To have IMC Liaison accompany IMC member to mediation. a. Approved unanimously all Five board members confirmed

Items for discussion: (30 minutes)

• Core- Mary and Gerry (2/22/16) & (3/9/2016) – to email discussion Gerry action item

o Current Relationship

o Royalties

o CoRe relationship with Countries

o Previous Discussion on pricing, handbook and digital items.

• Survey for SOS Chris (2/22/2016) reminder

o Review to do list each meeting – SOS has started this, will continue to provide for future meeting.

• SPO punch list Denny (2/26/2016) – has been revised. This will be done by our web developers. SPO has prioritized their list.

• Website Test Denny (2/27/2016) & Website dates (2/20/16). Denny is complete, and will leave it to liaison to handle.

• CSC rooms Mary (3/2/2016) – reported plan in progress.

• Delineate Legal and Healthy Boundaries Mary (3/7/2016) Tabled.

• EU (European Union) Mary (3/7/2016) Moved to Legal

• Texas Mary, Denny, Gerry, SOS (3/7/2016) – this was assigned to the board at CSC 2015. Round robin discussion –this was tabled at CSC and sent to the board. Possibly send to web group. Mary Action item – check minutes from face to face to see if there was some action already taken; Motion – To send this item to the web group for consideration and group conscience (Mary, seconded by Denny). Unanimous. Action item Lorraine

• Literature Mary & Gerry (3/8/2016) – moved to email discussion

• F 2 F on June 24 Chris Where (3/8/2016) Chris suggested we have it where we have CSC. Or do we want to meet closer to airport. Moved to email discussion. Chris action item

• Website test SOS (3/10/2016)

o Setup next week with Joan. One of the things to be discussed is getting the data base correct. Note - that is holding up the website update. Requested we not send test out again until the data base is updated, as it was confusing to the web group. Question posed whether we can still look via proximity – Action item Lorraine. International links are not accurate. Action item Lorraine Can proximity search cross borders? Action item Lorraine

• Contracts signed Chris & Lorraine (3/9/2016) completed. o Colombia o Japan o Israel Review Strategic Plan each meeting (tabled)

● Reports– Treasurer’s & Action Items:

Bank Accounts

1064 CHASE Checking-102157130 60,111.70

1066 EventBrite - EVENTS REGISTRATIONS 522.08

1068 CHASE Savings-3058829150 60,039.23

1069 National Bank of Arizona 180,201.68

Total Bank Accounts $ 300,874.69

Check-in committee’s finance committee – wants to have all ERR processed by Dec 31; this is possible because of smartsheet, and ERR’s could be completed by end of CoDA Service Conference.

Secretary & Action Items: check-in committee’s Report submitted, attached at end of summary.

Legal & Action Items: check-in committee’s We will proceed on legal group and plan to come back next meeting with information.

Vice Chair & Action Items: check-in committee’s –

Website Update & Action Items: check-in committee’s see above. Meeting upcoming with SOS.

TMC – Crystal (Co-chair of TMC). TMC is requesting 2X2 with board, to discuss Publication & Distribution and also renewals. 2 from TMC and 2 board members (1 being from legal).There have been some balls dropped, and it is agreed we want to make sure we have filled those gaps. The board has SOS prompting them, in advance of due dates, and a process is in place for signatures that are needed. Round robin discussion. Gerry and Lorraine volunteered to participate in the 2X2 – purpose is to get procedures finished that were started last year, and only temporary.

Motion to extend meeting by 15 minutes.passed unanimous.


Old Business:

Flyer – motion to approve (Mary, Denny seconded) unanimous

• Events Coin, moved to email vote once we have received the drawing. Discussion followed concerning the traditions and this coin. Action item Mary

• Motion to extend 15 minutes - unanimous

• Fair Use, group inventory, awareness campaign – on our to do list.


New Business:

• Board Budget has 6650.00 for F2F and Committee only spent 1868.39 Also have 15,823 for our CSC Our total budget is 22,503 per our Treasurer.

o Motion: Board pay for IMC Liaison to attend requested meeting. Mary, seconded Lorraine. passed unanimous. notify IMC

Next meeting – Chris Request move to April 17th rather than 10th 2:00pm. PT moved to 17th. all agreed. Action item Lorraine – notify fellowship via communication.

It was brought to our attention that the board meeting info on the web may have an error, may be missing a line of information. Action item Lorraine.

Scope – moved to email discussion. Action item Chris.

Discussion followed about how to do this – suggested we only talk about those that are due shortly (3-6 months). We will discuss long term only quarterly.

Board members: For email, please stay on the same thread for the subject, and stay on subject. One subject per discussion. Remember to put discussion or motion in the subject.

6:50 pm Pacific Closing Prayer.

Thank you to all our guests.


Mary’s report

Madrid protocol and legal responsibility. Moved to legal group

CSC rooms

I have contacted our main liaison at the resort and she referred me to Corey at the resort (phone # 5205799293).

Delineate Legal and Healthy Boundaries Mary (3/7/2016) This is to be tabled, as it would be something handled by the legal workgroup.

Texas Issue #1: Change photo on website - Board of Trustees Moved to web group.

Fair Use Policy Gerry and I have been working on this, and he would have more info on when it is expected to go to the lawyer. Legal group assignment.

Committee information

o Literature – I have contacted them, but have not heard back from the chair. Requested ability to be on the next call.

o Outreach – Active

o Connections – Experienced a slowdown in participation, hoping to get back in flow this next week.

o QSR – no volunteer to coordinate yet – I will be doing it until a volunteer appears.

o Events – Selected venue, flyer sent to board.


Action items from February

● Mary create and publish Liaison master list. This was done by others. Lou updated the smartsheet.


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