CoDA February 2016 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA February 2016 Board Meeting Summary
Date: March 12th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Board of Trustees,


Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call

Sunday 2/21/16 2 pm-3:15 pm PST


o Opened with Serenity Prayer, Step 2, Tradition 2, Service Concept 2, In This moment. and check in

o Round robin established.

o Read From In This Moment

● In attendance: Chris, Lorraine, Denny, Gerry, Mary and 2 visitors, Anita f & Jen l


Ratify minutes (approved by email with changes) Minutes 1/10/2016 – approved as presented

Ratify email motions

1. email motion - to have all committees archive their committee minutes in the "Trusted Servants Area" within their committee boxes passed unanimous

2. email motion - that the contract for CSC 2016 be accepted as written. passed unanimous


Items for discussion: (30 minutes)

● Discussion Chairs forum call (Chris) – great meeting, talked about work group concerning digital release. International wants more digitally, but this is copyrighted, so there can be problems concerning this. Spanish in particular would like to have more in Kindle. We need to have more discussion on the digital and on the forum, to see if can do a forum for CSC issues. Action item Chris

● Discussion Contract for CODA Service Conference (Mary) Completed –. Archive to SOS, send copy to Events (signed) Paid by Credit card - Action item Denny

● Discussion F 2 F - Motion – F2F the 4th weekend of June 24, 25, 26 , Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Arrival on Thursday PM, done by noon Sunday.

● Discussion F 2 F at Conference Arrival Date? Suggested board coming in on Saturday Oct 8 in PM with Dinner meeting, Sunday f2f Board meeting, and Monday f2f with chairs. A f-2-f meeting on Friday or Saturday after CSC?. e-mail discussion to finalize. (Action item: Chris)

● Discussion Liaison Positions (Round Robin) Literature to Mary, web liaison Lorraine, SPO back up Mary, legal Gerry. chairs rotational all board members. Mary to clean up master list. Action item Mary


Motion to extend 15 minutes, seconded. passed


● Discussion CoRe items

A group conscience from CoRe to the Board concerning the following:

o 1: That "Carrying the Message - Living the 12 Step" and “Healthy Meetings Matter - Building CoDA Community" be retired and be added to the "CoDA Meetings Handbook" (formerly known as Meeting Starter pack)

discussion: this may be legal issue? Send to CoDA Service Conference.

o 2, That the selling price of the following items be reduced as shown - this to include both Spanish and English versions

o a: Blue Book - currently $15. down to $12

o b: 12 Steps and Tradition Workbook - currently $15.00 down to $12

o c: In this Moment Meditation Book - currently $12.50 to $10

o d: Abridged version of Blue Book - currently $10.50 to $9 discussion, financial impact is big. May go to CoDA Service Conference, with full information on the financial impact. E-mail discussion from Chris to have Gerry take to CoRe at their F2F.

Discussion Board meeting time and day – Sunday Afternoon is current. round robin discussion – keep Sunday, Afternoon 2PM.

Discussion Strategic Plan Reviewed and approval – extended 1 week for review and corrections/approval.

● Discussion signatures for translation and Publishing & Distribution contracts with other countries –Conni sent upcoming contracts via ‘dochub’

o Update requested of SOS –SOS noted in order to be proactive, these are being sent out ahead of time. Google drive, in our legal repository folder is location for these contracts and their dates. New contracts come from Translation Management Committee to the board – there are none upcoming that we are aware of.

o SOS will contact Chris and Lorraine to complete the contracts currently due, and then SOS will assist with keeping current on all contracts, via legal liaison.

Treasurer’s Report – Denny

Chase Bank:

Plat. Bus. Checking $ 62,025.81

Bus. Select HY Sav. $ 60,041.61

Chase Bank Total: $122,067.41

National Bank of Arizona: $ 180,246.61

● Website Update – Gerry

 Action Items: Update technology locator almost ready. SOS will work with office contractor to update the database. Denny will inform contractor of this plan.. Gerry will continue to look at Google non-profit site and look at pro and con with Lorraine.

Secretary-Mary Board QSR sent to fellowship. Summary Minutes sent to fellowship.

Vice Chair-Lorraine

Chair- Chris H

Old Business:

● Commemorative 30th year Coin, (Mary) This was tabled until we have info from events, including a drawing of the proposed commemorative coin. Board would also like to be assured it is only for Conference.

● Fair use” policy for our website (Gerry/Mary) ongoing

● Discussion interest in “group inventory” (Gerry) ongoing

● Awareness campaign for the fellowship (ongoing)

● P&P Changes

New Business: Does current board want a work group to delineate legal responsibilities and healthy boundaries between the fellowship structure and the corporation structure. – Email discussion Mary action item

Motion to have discussion on previous motion Re: committee chairs wording – 4 ayes, 1 nay. Mary to send discussion.

2nd meeting in a month – we can’t get thru our agenda in current allotted time. Need some ways to work around.

Next meeting – March 13 2:00pm. PT

3:15 pm Closing Prayer

Meeting adjourned 3:20PM

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