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Date: January 13th 2012

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Dear Fellowship,

Our December Board Con call summary is as follows:

We opened with the Serenity Prayer and then established the order of our round robin. Those in attendance were Jutta, Evie, Barbara, Dagmar, Julie, Florence, Geraldine and Lisa.

We approved our November Board minutes and then reviewed our treasurer's report.

We then ratified the following motions that we had approved via email during the month.

  1. A policy and procedure to be followed for Conference Call notification.
  2. To use the procedure for QSR that is outlined in the FSM. (it has been pointed out that we had not followed this in the past)
  3. To craft a motion for CSC 2012 to make changes to the FSM for clarification of the QSR process.

We acknowledged the passing of our long time world member and CoDA friend, Curtis F. It was brought to our attention by his daughter that there is CoDA material among Curtis' estate. We discussed whether or not we thought it was important to go through this paper work. We decided that we thought it was important that CoDA history should not be lost. We will contact the daughter to have her mail the paper work possibly to Evie's house in California.

We discussed details of how to pay our old and new web coordinator during the turnover training period. We also discussed several other financial items, including how best to get money to the Events committee for making arrangements for the upcoming Conference and Convention.

We discussed a variety of legal issues involving movement towards using a new set of standardized Voting Entity (VE) and other contracts as well as requests to use portions of some copyrighted material in various ways:

We discussed following issues pertaining to the FSM:

  1. It has been noted that there is a discrepancy in our wording regarding open and closed meetings and the newcomers handbook.
  2. SSC status: We have become concerned about inactivity of SSC. Evie, as SSC liaison, has contacted various people but so far no activity has occurred. .
  3. Lisa is drafting a procedure to address ineffective committees. She will send this to the Board and Ad Hoc committee for consideration.
  4. Spanish FSM- It is noted that there is currently no spanish translation of the FSM. We have reviewed the list of priorities from TMC and we believe that the FSM should be include in the first list of priorities.

We discussed the status of VEIs. We acknowledged that we need to schedule some time to work on the outstanding VEIs that were almost all assigned to the board. We will be communicating about this in more detail in the near future.

We discussed regarding a variety of issues with CoDA Mexico. One interesting thing that has surfaced is that they were not even aware of the existence of the Fellowship Services Manual (FSM). We have recommended to TMC that the translation of the FSM be added to the translation priorities list fairly early in the process.

We received an update from the Ad Hoc committee that they are considering drafting a short version of the 12 service concepts. They are still working on a questionnaire to send out to committees and the Board for feedback.

We discussed how out of date meetings are being handled. An automated process is supposed to notify Joan, our FSW, when a meeting is out of date however this appears not to be working.

We discussed ways to honor and celebrate our CoDA 25th Anniversary. Lisa will contact Events about using their budget for making T-shirts or other souveneirs. Any Fellowship member who wants to get involved in this endeavor, please let us know!

Future Board Con Calls:

-January Sunday 15th

-February Sunday 12th- proposed

Face to Face meeting-- mini F2F to be scheduled to include west coast Board members only. It was suggested that we also include one international member and Dagmar was selected.

Full f2f- Will probably be held just before CSC 2012.

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